The Power of a Positive Smile – Means of Peace and Friendship

“Share your smile with the world. It's a symbol of friendship and peace.”


The Power of a Positive Smile – Means of Peace and Friendship
“Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.” ― Christie Brinkley


A smile is one of the cheapest things available in the world and probably it is almost effortless.

But still, people do not share their valuable smile with the world and keep it for the special moments which they could enjoy. Perhaps they believe that a smile is only a means of self-enjoyment.

If you are also one of them, then you are not aware of the powers of a positive smile beyond the means of self-enjoyment which can change your whole world and your whole surrounding.

It’s a tool to establish peace and friendship around you.

Meaning of Positive Smile – Smile More along with Positivity

A positive smile refers to a smile which comes from within the heart. It should not be a fake smile. You have to be glad for the person for whom you are smiling.

You must have the feeling of gratitude and happiness while smiling. If you would not be happy from inside while smiling, you would not be able to give a positive smile.

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Smile as a Means of Friendship

It is a well-established principle and also proven by science that people get attracted towards positivity even if they are negative themselves.

Everyone tries to be with a person who gives positive responses to them. And a smile is a symbol of positivity.

A worldwide famous book “The Secret” says,

“You will attract all those things which you possess inside of you.”

As per the book, it happens due to the law of attraction which attracts the similar things from the whole universe.

So if you are smiling, you are happy from inside and full of positivity which will let you attract positive people and positive things in your life.

With the help of a small effortless smile, you can make the whole world your friend.

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Smile as a Means of Peace – Peace Begins with a Smile

The reason behind every unrest, violence, disputation is the ego, hate, anger and all other negative things which spread negativity around us.

We can either be a part of all these and will attract all the negativity around us or we can take a step to establish the peace.

Now the question is ‘how to eliminate all these negativity and establish the peace’.

At the very moment, you will give the world a positive smile, you will start eliminating the ego, hate, and anger not only from your heart but also from the heart of the people at your surroundings.

A smile is the first step to eliminate all the negativity and to establish the peace.


Now when we all get to know the powers and the importance of a positive smile, we must use it to spread the happiness, peace, and friendship around us.

It’s one of the ways to make this world a better place to live in. Don’t ever use a fake smile to make changes, it will not be going to work.

So, every time you want to make positive changes, just give a smile and let it happen.


Written By: Avishekh Tiwari



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