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The Reactions to an Incident: The Deciding Factor for the Course of Life


The Reactions to an Incident: The Deciding Factor for the Course of Life
“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ― Charles R. Swindoll


The response of a person towards a specific situation he faces matters the most in deciding the course of his life rather than the real essence of the situation itself. It is solely dependent on the person itself who has the capability to channelize his own emotions in a specific direction in response to a situation. Thus, it is the reaction to an incident which determines the life of the person.

The Emotions can be Controlled, Not the Events

Often when failed in an attempt, people find it difficult to accept the reality of the situation and blame the situation rather than pointing out his own mistakes. The future solely depends on the way the person reacts to the situation.

If the reactions to an incident are positive or if the person successfully points out his own mistakes and works towards rectifying them in the future, then the results are fruitful. However, if the person blames the incident itself, the outcomes are negative.

Go On to Find the True Facts

Rather than acting base on the reactions to an incident, every person should set out on a quest to be aware regarding the real facts associated with event. Knowing the real case can bias the associated reactions in a positive way and thereby help the person to take better decisions in life.

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Keep Your Emotions in Tact

Suppose a person is working on a project and in an attempt to test the working of the project he fails. The way he responds to the situation determines how he progresses with the same in the future.

If the reaction to the incident is that it would impossible to progress, then he can never progress in that. Instead if he works to find flaws and rectifies his actions for his next attempt, the chances of success increase manifolds.


Since the reactions play a vital role in deciding the course of life, they should only be controlled by the true facts of the incident. When the reactions to an incident are justified, the decisions taken would yield fruitful results.



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