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The Roller Coaster of Life is Best Enjoyed with the Constant Companions


The Roller Coaster of Life is Best Enjoyed with the Constant Companions
“Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard.” ― Walter Dean Myers


It is undeniable and an absolute cliché to state that life is short! And therefore it should be an even more obvious realization that it is the only available and unpredictable time that we have with our loved ones, but sadly very few realize this.

With the growing age and experience, our ego grows and tolerance slowly dies away; and as a result, we end up distancing ourselves from people who matter a lot to us, who nurture us and make us better human beings but we anyhow part ways because that is the easiest thing to do.

It feels right because it is easy; of course one should know where to draw lines, toxic relationships should definitely be driven out, but not everything that doesn’t go your way is toxic. In those situations, it is very important to take the harder route and keep people in your life, give them a chance in your life again and let things change for the better.

The Misconception of Adulthood

Growing up is complicated; we aim at getting clarity in our lives but end up having our emotions all over the place. Running the rat race of building careers, studies, and jobs, we eventually move apart from our families, away from siblings and grandparents; all relations suffer the brunt of distance, and practicality replaces emotions.

We start convincing ourselves that we do not need anyone since we’re managing without our family we can probably manage without anyone. But that my friend is the main reason to have people around you who can fill the void of you being away from your family members. Those people can be your best friends, colleagues, life partners or people you casually hang out with.

Walter Scott has once said:

“When thinking about companion is gone, we feel doubly alone.”

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Comparisons are to Count Upon

Each and everyone hold their special importance in your life, to serve a purpose for you in exchange for your affection and compassion. Those people are meant to stay and if things go downside, do not give up on them and ask them to leave. Your immaturity will tell you it is the right thing to do, but making them stay, showing them love and affection is always the most important and the right thing to do.

Most people also mistake moving on for being an act of bravery that signifies their inner strength and resolute; when in reality it is the tolerance that signifies your inner strength. Just like you, your loved ones are also going through a process of growing up; they have their own demons gnawing at their inner peace which sometimes reflects on their behavior with you.

These are those times when your emotional strength is needed and the right thing to do is to understand them, understand their situations, empathize, realize why they do what they do and instead of leaving them or asking them to leave, stay.

Stay and make them feel important in your lives. Make them realize that they are as important in your life as you want to be in theirs, make the relationships strong.


Sometimes an act of perseverance is all it needs to show your strength and ultimately be the reason for your happiness.

Franz Liszt has once quoted that,

“Companions in misery or worse that is what we all are, and to try to change this substantially avail us nothing.”


Written By: Somdutta Das



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