The Sweetest Victory Comes After The Hardest Battle. The Secret Is In Holding On Longer

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.”


The Sweetest Victory Comes After The Hardest Battle. The Secret Is In Holding On Longer
“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” ― Les Brown


Everyone has a battle they are always fighting whether we know of them or we do not. That is why you should never judge anyone for what they do or how they act because you can never know their secret struggles.

There are times when we go through light challenges, and we win every time. We celebrate, and we enjoy our victory over these challenges.

But what happens when the battles we are fighting are bigger than we are and we feel like quitting?

The only thing you can do is to hold on until you come out the other end when you win the hardest battle.

No situation is permanent, there will always be an end to any battles we are fighting. Therefore, never contemplate on giving up and missing the chance to enjoy the sweetest victory.

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Battles are there for You to Win

Everyone has strength, but very many people have not tapped into this gift. Someone once said that ‘you only know you are strong when being strong is the only option you have in life’.

This is very true because some situations will force strength out of you.

That is why you should never give up at any time because you can win the hardest battle life brings your way.

Simply tap into your inner strength, and you will taste the sweetest victory. Never chicken out but rather find hope in knowing that you will win.

If you chicken out, you are depriving yourself of an opportunity to enjoy the sweetest victory that was coming your way.

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You will not Fight a Battle that No Man has Ever Fought

Everyone fights a battle, and these battles are always different, but some have a common ground. These battles are common to man, and there is never something new.

What you are going through is something that someone else has ever gone through. You can rest be assured that they fought the battles you are fighting, and some won while others lost.

Even so, learn from those who won and let them inspire you because you are not of them that lose battles. You can win the hardest battle just like they did.

Therefore, regardless of how hard it seems to be, know that you have a chance of winning.

Be Comforted at All Times

Fighting the hardest battle can be draining, and one can be tempted to give up. Even so, take comfort in knowing that the battle you fight will bring greater victory and reward.

The victory will be sweeter than any victory you have ever had.

Les Brown said something that is very true!

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” 
― Les Brown

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Victory is sweetest where the battle is greatest, and that is how life is. When you look at all you have overcome to win the hardest battle, you will be more than proud of yourself. You will be happy that you held on.


Your battles are not uncommon to man. You are walking in a path that many others have walked in and they won. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to win the hardest battle.

As long as you have made up your mind to win, you will win. Keep your chin up, your chest out, and your shoulders straight and face that challenge head-on.



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