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There’s Nothing in Life Called Mission Impossible!


There’s Nothing in Life Called Mission Impossible!
“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” ― Bo Jackson


All of us have certain goals in life and we always desire achieving something great at some point of time or the other. It’s our deep-rooted dreams and hopes for a most rewarding and happy life that make us set our aims for the future and to accomplish the greatest of feats. It’s an inextricable part of our social fabric and woven intricately into our very DNA that fuels our passion to succeed.

No dream is impossible. No matter how lofty, absurd or difficult they might initially seem, here’s how you can turn them into reality.

Begin by Setting Simple Yearly Goals

A lot may be happening around you. Your neighbor may have realized his mission of buying that Rolls Royce within six months of his new job. Yet, while this may have been an astronomical leap for him to achieve a seemingly outlandish goal, for you it may be harder to accept when you compare it with your personal goals.

Achieving personal aims is never easy and may even be frustrating at times when failure stalks us repeatedly. This is largely attributable to our basic failure to set personal goals correctly. And even after setting the right goals, our approach may be completely wrong. Thus, to finally win, set them right and also plan to achieve them over a reasonable period of time.

Remember, there’s nothing called an abstract aim and every aim has to have high specificity. Correct planning and execution help in achieving it.

Self Discipline

Acute self-discipline undoubtedly is required for achieving any aim in life. You need to be consciously aware of your actions as also your ability to eliminate some bad habits that tend to hold you back. However, instilling self-discipline overnight isn’t easy. It compulsorily requires an objective analysis of your actions coupled with the unrelenting drive to want to achieve an aim.

Set Specific Goals

You have to be totally specific about what you intend achieving. These have to be measurable and you should be able to track them. The success rate will depend on the details of what you intend achieving. Just by merely saying that you are going to be fabulously rich won’t actually increase your bank balance unless you specify the amount and work towards it.

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The Mission should be Meaningful

Just being specific about a mission doesn’t work. It needs to be meaningful because it makes you work harder to achieve it. Meanings may involve freedom, family, country, security and love that compel you to bend backwards to achieve something. These also prevent you from giving up after hitting a couple of stumbling blocks or even failing repeatedly.

The Achievable

Make sure your goals are achievable, no matter what your time period is. Having an aim of making a million dollars over the next one year when you’re neck deep in debt already doesn’t make sense. An achievable goal also picks up its own momentum. So as you progress, you’ll be egged on by the enthusiasm and zeal of achieving it.


The relevance of your goal and its alignment with your beliefs and core values is of great importance. If not, it will most likely remain unachieved.

Set Deadlines

No goal is achievable unless time-bound. Hence, set timelines so that your progress can be tracked. Break it into weekly or monthly schedules while also setting up reminders so that you won’t overlook or forget things.

Evaluate Progress

A time-bound goal can be easily evaluated and allows you the privilege of tracking your progress. Meticulous tracking leads to a higher success achievement rate.

Constant Readjustment

Keep readjusting your approach if you feel that you’re moving away from the core mission, on evaluation. This would give you an opportunity to correct wrongs appropriately and timely.


Remember, your goals are similar to an airplane in flight. They must have a direction and definite method to reach a pre-determined destination. This however, would require careful planning, appropriate action as also suitable modifications to your approach during the journey to get what is desired in the long run. Get this right and there will be no mission impossible.

As Swami Vivekananda summed it up so aptly:

“Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached.”


Written By: Biproarshi Guha


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