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Things You Should Know About Leadership And Management


Things You Should Know About Leadership And Management
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” ― Peter F. Drucker


Leader is a person who leads his followers by his exemplary deeds and motivates them by his actions. Leadership is a tool that enables to make the best decision for the benefit of the organization. While Management is about people and teaches them to cooperate, capitalize their strengths, ignoring the weak points.

To understand this, consider the saying of Peter F. Drucker “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”.

A simple distinction clearly states the meaning of the manager and a leader. One gives a sense of purpose, while other makes sure to lead in a right direction. Doing Right things focuses on identifying, modifying the company’s requirements. So it is necessary for these two systems to communicate effectively as it benefits the organization to reach heights.

Essence of A Leadership

A leader takes charge to define the standards and set goals that achieve the company’s mission. The essence of leadership lies in the performance of a leader, otherwise it becomes tedious. It can be effective if he considers the companies mission, describes openly and establishes according to it.

He should check his performance against the achievement of goals. It benefits them to analyze their decisions and take necessary action towards it. It enables to recognize their strengths and work on weaknesses.

Become A Successful Leader

Working as a Leader is not about the rank and privilege, but it is about responsibility. He should take the initiative in any situation and handle the problem tactfully to get the maximum benefit.

Some leaders lack in identifying a problem while others find it easy to execute a task while giving importance to prominence things. So set the right kind of goals in front of you and develop them. But don’t forget to keep realistic goals which fit your company. External constraints such as political and financial should be taken into consideration to become a successful leader.

Consider General George Marshall, Ame Rica’s Chief of Army staff in World War II, became a productive leader through diligence and responsibility. He is a kind of person who did not fear even to his subordinates.

An effective leader knows the consequences the company may face in the case of impeachment. He should know how to do the right things. An old saying that effective leadership is not based on being clever, but it is about being consistent. It helps the employees to have a sense of direction that aim at an objective.

Management and Leadership are Interdependent

Leadership and Management are like two eyes of an organization which are interdependent on each other. We cannot choose one to be more important than the other as both are vital. Both co-exist with one other. So it is necessary for these two systems to communicate effectively as it benefits the organization to reach heights.

A manager is expected to set goals, objectives and values which need to be demonstrated later. If he has a well-rounded mission for the success of the company, then it should be actually implemented at every level of the organization.

The combination of these two can make the results more productive.

The development and growth of an organization also result in the way management performs. Communication and responsibility are the two things on which the enterprise flourishes. As the people come from different backgrounds, different skills and altogether they are aiming for the common goal. They should cooperate with each other.


The most important fact in Leadership is there is a need to do the right thing before doing things right. Doing things right only may not the best way to implement a task until and unless we make sure to follow a procedure to do the right things.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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