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Think Positive, Act Positive And Thus No Journey Is Hard To Accomplish

“The Positive Thinker sees the Invisible, feels the Intangible, and achieves the Impossible.”


Think Positive, Act Positive And Thus No Journey Is Hard To Accomplish
“The Positive Thinker sees the Invisible, feels the Intangible, and achieves the Impossible.” ― Winston Churchill


“The mantra to survive every hurdle and every situation in life is to stay calm, think positive and then act wisely.”

It is the thought which leads to the action; once a person is determined and thinks positive, he will undoubtedly put his best foot forward to achieve the desired.

The hurdles and barriers on the journey won’t shake his perseverance, determination, and confidence and all these actions will definitely pace the path to success.

Every complexity, every hurdle has a way out of the labyrinth; every perplexity has a solution to it. It is an individual’s positive approach; hard work and determination which will help find the solution.

There is a very famous saying – Where there is a will, there’s a way. This statement holds true in the context of any problem, no matter how easy or hard it is; just don’t lose heart and keep going.

A complete devotion and analysis of the situation will help one overcome the problem and find a solution to it.

It is the perseverance and zeal which keeps a person going and helps come to a final conclusion.

If you are positive and confident enough, then words like impossible and difficult are mere terms which won’t scare you anymore.

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The Battle of Life

It’s the individual’s positive thinking which will make him determined and he will leave no stone unturned to reach the final destination and yield the fruits of his cherished goals.

Life is a constant battle; one has to fight it fearlessly by holding his ground strong. The battle has to be fought well with positivity, confidence, right attitude, and determination.

It is said that,

It’s one’s positive action combined with positive thinking which results in success.

Be brave enough and fight your battle well and thus the fortune will favor you. New on a constant spree to achieve your final goals, organize your efforts well and strike the iron when it’s hot; an optimistic approach is much needed to make things happen.

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A Positive Approach – A Step Towards the Attainment of Desired Goals

A positive approach towards things with the required confidence serves as the ladder to your sure shot success. It enhances the morale of the individual and helps attain the desired goals.

Once a person loses out on positivity and is all surrounded by pessimism; it is when he is a mere coward or a dead man. It’s the positive and constructive thoughts which are the stepping stone to success.

If an individual is embracing positive thinking that automatically spurns negative thinking.


Mankind’s biggest assets are his enthusiasm and positive thinking. If the two are channelized well, then the journey to success becomes a much smoother ride.

The strongest of mountains can be easily shaken with positive thinking and also the toughest of milestones can be achieved.


Written By: Somdutta Das



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