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Thinking Out Of The Box – The Secret Of An Efficient Leader


Thinking Out Of The Box – The Secret Of An Efficient Leader
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” ― Steve Jobs


There are people who prefer to stick within boundaries, and there are some other people who keep on pushing boundaries. Fortune favours the latter. In this world with a constantly changing scenario and increasing number of troubles and increasing competition, innovation or thinking out of the box plays a key factor in deciding the fate of an organisation or group.

Staying within boundaries is no longer going to work if one needs to be successful in life. A leader should possess this thinking out of the box quality so as to run the group smoothly and yield favourable outcomes.

Innovation Leads to Optimum Decisions

The problems might be common, but if the solution is innovative, additional advantages and benefits can also be availed. Often people tend to stick to the old tested ideas which somehow help to be dragged out of the problem but do not have additional perks.

But people who believe in thinking out of the box and implementing something innovative well suit to be the leaders. Curtailed costs, additional benefits result only out of innovation.

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Learning Must Back Innovation

Innovation on its own is often proved to be futile. Thus the thinking out of the box should be backed by proper knowledge. A prior assessment of the idea and a thorough analysis of the same to check its efficiency and applicability should precede every innovation.

Thus the leadership plays a vital role in this. A learned leader can successfully lead to innovation which in turn would lead to the betterment of the company.

Steve Jobs – The Man who defined Innovation

The founder of the tech giant Apple, Steve Jobs, well applied innovation into the products that his company manufactured and could lead the company to the top position in the sector. It is his leadership qualities equipped with innovation and out of the box thinking that has resulted in the current position of his company.


Innovation is not as tough as it sounds. It is the simplicity that lies behind the concept that makes innovation great. A quest to find easier and better solutions is the mother of all innovations. Out of the box thinking lets you differentiate among others and thus benefit you always.



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