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To Be Courageous Is Moving Ahead Even Though You Do Not Have Much Strength Left

“Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell and rose again.”


To Be Courageous Is Moving Ahead Even Though You Do Not Have Much Strength Left
“Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell and rose again.” ― Adrienne Rich


Have you ever felt fear of losing? Of course everybody has. But has that fear made you more weaker or courageous? If you have ability to face the situation, no one can beat you in that.

Courage holds huge importance in the lives of people. If you are courageous and have faith to challenge any tough situation in the life, then you are a champ.

Strength and spirit to achieve something always lead to the destination. The thing to consider is not to get upset when you don’t get success and face failure.

Failure is also a part of life. If you face it, you will learn something new and worthy. Because of this reason, it is believed that courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell and rose again after learning the lesson of life.

Keep on chasing for perfection and catch the excellence!

Standing Up for what is Right

Don’t be a coward. Feeling shy and not showing your spirit for a particular situation, then you can’t become courageous.

Always raise your strength to such level that people admire your truthfulness and your ability to being on top always.

Always stand with the truth and with what is right. It shows your values and good ethics if you show the courage to stand with the right, no matter how much dangerous the situation is.

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Feeling Fear Yet Showing Strength

It’s a very unusual adage that courage is physical bravery, but courage is an attribute of good character that makes us worthy of respect, that makes us different and unique from others.

Our cultural scriptures are full of colorful tales of bravery and self-sacrifice for the greater good of mankind. In today’s era, too many inspirational tales are there like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

It is a myth that people can’t be afraid and courageous at the same time. Has anyone had the fear yet gathered strength to fight with his/her fear? Yes, fear is a state of threatening in mind and heart.

Feel fear; try to overcome fear and choose to act to fight with it. So man can still be brave when he is afraid.

Courageous man is one who gets triumph over fear. The man who gets a triumph with bravery can conquer that fear easily.

Step out of your comfort zone and you would be the real Courageous person!

Follow Your Heart

There is no one living being existing on the planet that doesn’t get scared when in danger. Courage is being terrified, yet going ahead so as to conquer the fear.

Courage is the feeling that tends to follow the heart for fighting with the fear inside or outside the world.

Being courageous is all about following your heart and do what afraid you the most to do.

Midori Komatsu said that,

“Passion is what drives us crazy, what makes us to do extraordinary things, to discover, to challenge ourselves, Passion is and should always be the heart of courage.”

In every courageous act of life, follow your heart or listen to your intuition as sometimes what the heart says is right for you. Leave everything and simply listen to it.

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Have Your Courageous Guard always On

Hardships are the way of life. The firm man is the one who faces all the problems and adversities without worrying about the conditions that he may face.

It is rightly said that either you can be comfortable with the situation or you can be courageous. Both of them together never exists. You may go through the toughest part of the life, but if you face the situation with your strength, then you would definitely come out of it.

Courage is to preserve yourself in the hardships and your personality will bloom like more than anything before. Keeping your personality same in each adverse situation is the real courageous thing to do.

Expanding Your Horizons; Letting go off the Familiar

Some of great minded people have said that a man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

This world demands multitalented youth who can think with an advanced state of mind by expanding their horizons. Letting go of the things you are familiar with and keep trying something new also shows how courageous you are.

Be yourself, be creative, think and act beyond your horizons and try out the things you are not familiar with. Real strength is to try everything and anything in any situation.


Problems are the way of life. The important thing to consider is the courage. If you have strength to show your talent in any kind of circumstance, then the failure will never let you down.

Thinking about yourself in any adverse situation and act accordingly is the most courageous thing to do.

Fears are like tissue paper, which are very thin which could be waved off or carried with courageous actions.

Just remember,

“Never aim to become fearless. In fact, you must feel the fear and then be courageous to act upon it.”



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