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To Serve Humanity is Best Way to Worship God


To Serve Humanity is Best Way to Worship God
“This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.” ― Dalai Lama XIV


Worship is the way we express our gratitude towards the Almighty. There is a belief, that taking birth as a human being is the result of our good works in past life.

In Hindu philosophy, God is that power who is regulating our life. As we cannot see Him before our eyes, we worship to glorify, to honour and to say our prayers to Him.

In different religion, there are different rituals of worshipping the God. Some go to the Temple and some to the Church and the Mosque etc. But is there any justification to go to a particular place like temple or other places?

Does God only exist inside the temple premises? No, it’s not true. We can simply worship God through your work towards the society, for the distressed people.

Think and Work Beyond Your Religion

Every religion teaches its followers to be generous and kind to all. But in real life we do not follow it by proper way; we depend on some fake rituals and show off.

If we devote the time we spend to worship God, for the service of our fellow people, we can have the satisfaction of doing at least one good work.

We never want to know if anyone around us needs our help, may be a little kind word can make some solution for his problem. But we do not really bother.

We have time to spend hours sitting in temple, but when we come back home, the situation remains the same. The peace of mind we get by going to temple and worship God by offering expensive food is momentary.

Instead, if we donate that food and offerings to a poor and needy person, his blessing will bring an eternal peace in our mind, and that is the true religious act we should follow.

So, it is expected that our religion makes us considerate and passionate so that we can think and work for others.

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To Serve Mankind is to Worship God

Swami Vivekananda, the follower and disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Dev and also the icon of youth society, always insisted on social service as the only way to reach to the God. His philosophy of life was to serve the humankind by your kindness and sympathetic mind.

If we go through his inspirational words for the youth, we can find how devoted he was to the God, but he had no faith in worshipping and rituals of religion.

If we actually follow his words, we can understand the true meaning of worship, that being surrounded by luxurious things and comforts of life, we can never understand the real meaning of social service.

To do so, one should call upon his divinity within him, mix up with ordinary people, know their problems and extend your helping hand. One single kind step of yours can inspire others, and that can save many lives.

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Our Mind is the Temple of God

Our mind is the powerful software like the computer that directs all our thoughts and activities. The first and foremost thing is to be pure from inside your mind.

For example, we worship a stone, a tree imagining it as a replica of God. It’s our mind that allows us to think like that.

So, wouldn’t we imagine that giving service to needy people is as same as worshipping the Lord?

All great thinkers have conveyed the same opinion in all religion that love on mankind is as pure and sacred as to offer prayers to our God.

The life story revealed that their life was action to them. They had devoted all the life in service of others.

If we obey that simple rule in our life to help others, we would get the same satisfaction and peace.

God is almighty. Everything on the Earth is God’s own creation; even He exists in a small creature.

So, why should we be confined and worship Him only inside the boundary of a temple? He will hear our prayer from anywhere as He is omnipresent.


According to Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore‘s lyrics, God is with the people who are ploughing fields, who are giving hard labour to grow crops for others.

If anyone wants to offer sincere prayers to Him, he should mix up with common people.

To stand beside the needy and distressed people, sharing their pain, is a genuine worship of God.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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