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Togetherness Brings Happy Moments


Togetherness Brings Happy Moments
“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” ― Thomas Merton


Love grows with togetherness. Love is the acceptance of others in our life despite many differences. From childhood, we grow up with the love and affection of our parents and family members.

We experience the different pattern of love as we grew up like the love between siblings, love between friends. In each case, love works as a bond between people.

The nature of love may vary from time to time, but the destiny is one and only to encourage togetherness.

Love Means Sharing

Nobody can live their life alone. Going to the past when God created the human being, he created Adam and Eve. From this simple example, we can easily understand that we need people to complete our life cycle in the form of friends and life partners. A real life partner is therefore always desirable.

Life is not a Mere Calculation

There are many things which happen in life and sometimes unexpected. The happiness of life does not depend on isolation, study and making a secure career only. Life brings some another secret meaning too, and that’s the extremely personal feeling of love.

If a person is highly educated, wealthy and famous outside but he or she has no one to whom he/she can share everything- he is not successful in real term.

On the other hand, if we take a most common factory labour that has lovely kids and wife to share all his pain and happiness, his life is worth living as he has found out the true meaning of love and togetherness.

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To Balance Togetherness and Individuality – That’s Love

To grow any love relation makes us happy, but does that mean we will lose our individuality? As a person, all of us have a limit or boundary. A successful partnership means to complete each other’s drawbacks by our own ability, but with due respect.

We should keep in mind that every relation claims to respect and trust. Personal boundaries protect our identity as well as our partners. But whatever may be, love is the ultimate passion inside us that accomplish us and enlighten our mind with feel-good kind of feelings.

Love is a Magic Wand

Love in the essence of life. A feeling that you are in love with someone can make your spirit fly to the higher. The feelings of being wanted passionately by someone you love is just nothing but heavenly.

Just like a magic wand, love can change any person and their attitude towards life. Many of them around us might have lost hope in life, but the feelings of togetherness and a warm touch of love can make him survive with a new hope to begin.

To Find the Meaning of Life with Another

Who does not know that happiness is the only thing that doubled when shared. Love gives us the satisfaction whether it’s the Love of God or any human being or even any pets. The purpose of human life is to love and share a peaceful bonding with other through mutual understanding.

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How Can We Feel Content With Another Person?

Love brings contentment. When we find anyone besides us, we feel light that yes, there is someone with whom I can share my problem. But love is always not a safe investment; it can cause pain too.

Before we form togetherness, it’s very important to know our self, our own mind, what we want actually.

Any perfect relationship is possible when the two imperfect people overlook all their imperfections to build a reliable, excellent bonding of togetherness.


The word Love is not a four letter word only, the depth of the word, “LOVE”, rooted deep in our soul. Love demands trust, co-operation and protection and above all Respect. Put all these in your love relation, no matter with whom it is, you will find the true meaning of life and togetherness.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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