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Top 4 Strategies to Find Happiness in Everything


Top 4 Strategies to Find Happiness in Everything
“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” ― W.P. Kinsella


How successful are you? How happy are you?

Today everyone wants to be successful in his life. They do everything in their life using their prime time, energy and assets to become successful.

But many successful people are not happy. Why, though?

W.P. Kinsella explains the same with his quote saying, “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”

Find Your Happiness

Imagine the time, when you used ripe years for pursuing higher education, got good grades and earned a high paying job. Still, you feel empty and strive to do more in the company and use every vein to become CEO or president.

And right after the achievement, you feel stressed of work, not content, not able to balance your family and career; you start feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

It is what Kinsella says although we have achieved success which we wanted all the years, however, happiness is rare to find now.

Granted a recent survey confirms that statement of unhappiness as a common problem in everyone.

Although each person might have his definition of success and happiness, overall everyone wants to lead a stress-free life, anxiety, worry and joy is constant in whatever they do.

If you are reading now, no doubt you have lost your joy. Be patient, we will figure out what to do now. Even if below ways seem familiar, don’t hesitate to follow. Maybe you have ignored this highway on your journey to success.

Avoid Unnecessary Things

Avoid negative thoughts about relationships, our goals, health, finances and our career. We have made up to here till now, have confidence we will go into the future too.

If you feel distressed, take a little vacation and spend time with family or most comfortable thing where you can forget all the other things.

Desire for Superiority

One thing will never leave you until the end of your life that is desires for having more and more. So try to minimize them at least for a while and be content with what you have.

Don’t look onto others and try to run ahead of them for they are also soon coming back. Take the start of this road of being content with what you have within a while.

Don’t go after all digital goods and products offered by the market where they mesmerize you to buy and have a great benefit in the future before they get out of the stock.

Strategies to Become Happy and Live Happily

1. Develop Gratitude as You have already Proven Your Worth

Think how you have worked till now. It will let you keep away from the desires for superiority and keep you content. Remember happiness and successes are the outcomes of gratitude.

2. Think about Today

Don’t get anxious thinking about tomorrow unnecessarily. Your constant worry will eat away your joy like rust.

No matter how the things will turn, maintain peaceful state of mind and learn to solve them smoothly. Then only you will be able to handle situation and reduce stress.

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3. Maintain Time

You have to develop the ability to realize the value of time and manage it efficiently. Schedule a specific time for each and everything.

It will give you more room to enjoy and achieve the meaning of life rather than just getting stuck in a situation. When you do this, happiness will roll out to you.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Often people fail to get success in life due to their inability to establish goals in a right way.

So when you are setting it, do it in a smart and realistic way . If you do so, you will soon reach to your goals happily.


We spent most of the time in our life by chasing dreams that have nothing to do with our aims, and trying to live to someone else’s expectations. And finally being left with unhappiness and failure.

Explore what success and happiness meant for your own life before living for others.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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