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Top 5 Best Inspirational Examples of Humanity To Keep You Motivated

“Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”


Top 5 Best Inspirational Examples of Humanity To Keep You Motivated
“Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” ― Pema Chodron


Compassion is one of the essential traits in humans that is present in everyone. With our busy schedules, we sometimes forget about it, but if we start observing our surroundings, we can see many examples of humanity that highlights compassion.

Right from opening the door for someone or offering your seat in public transports to someone who needs it are some small examples of kindness that we can observe in our daily lives.

Let us check out the five best examples of humanity that can inspire us to be happy and spread some love today!

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1. Words of Encouragement

Using words of encouragement for people who need them the most is an act of kindness too. There are times when people have low morale, so encouraging them with your words can really boost them up.

These days people get caught up with criticisms and negativity, but it is crucial to understand the power of positive words.

Using positive words or words of encouragement is not only good for the listener but also the person who says them. Such words always attract a lot of positive vibrations and happiness.

1. Words of Encouragement

2. Strengthen Bonds with Family & Friends

We often take our family and closest friends for granted. However, we must value them and not hesitate to offer them words of appreciation for the smallest things that they do for us.

It is a great way to strengthen bonds as well as practice compassion. It also helps in enhancing the self-esteem of people and make them happier.

2. Strengthen Bonds with Family & Friends

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3. Gratefulness

Being grateful for everything that we have is also a good practice and enhances the level of compassion in humans.

For example, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank the universe for another beautiful day, the air that I can breathe, and the life that I live.

This helps me stay grounded, grateful, and positive all throughout the day. It is very good for your mental health to be filled with gratitude.

3. Gratefulness

4. Active Listening

One of the most valuable gifts that we can offer people these days is active listening. In the world of smartphones, movies, social media, and so many more distractions, if we actively listen to someone, it can be one of the best examples of humanity.

It shows that you really care for the person and are ready to leave everything just to listen to them.

4. Active Listening

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5. A Hug is also One of the Examples of Humanity and Sharing Love

There are many examples of humanity and compassion, as we have read above, but giving a genuine hug to someone can definitely be an effective one. It can change their mood and uplift them in no time.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to say anything but just give a hug.

It shows that you are really with them and you care.

5. A Hug is also One of the Examples of Humanity and Sharing Love


In the end, compassion is not about being over-friendly and cheerful all the time. It is about showing people that you really care.

These are some interesting examples of humanity and compassion that we can practice in our daily lives. These are easy, yet we don’t think about them due to our busy schedules and several distractions.

I am sure you can find many more acts of compassion if you start observing your surroundings.

So, how have you shown kindness recently? Do you have any recent examples from your life or something that you saw around you? Could you share with us today?



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