Top 5 Ways To Practice Kindness In Your Daily Life

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.”


Top 5 Ways To Practice Kindness In Your Daily Life
“Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.” ― Ashleigh Brilliant


We live in a scary world where there are enough reasons to feel bleak and blue at times. There’s poverty, war, racism, intolerance, crimes, global warming, and much more.

The basic necessities at this time are kindness and warmth. Contrary to what you might think, if you practice kindness in your daily life, you could find a lot of peace and contentment within yourself.

If you are wondering how to be kind in your daily life, here are five ways that you can do just that!

Top 5 Ways To Practice Kindness
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1. Be Present

The best way to be kind to others is simply by being present. More often than not, people who are distraught, unhappy, or struggling with inner turmoil only need you to be there for them. This shows that you care and are willing to free up your time for those in need.

Find time to spend with your loved ones and check up on how they are doing. A little concern goes a long way in showing kindness to others.

2. Always Smile

A smile is the most beautiful piece of jewelry each of us owns. Simply by smiling at a stranger, you can show compassion and comfort them in their times of need.

It brings people’s spirits up when they are feeling down and makes them happy. When you smile, everyone wins. In other words, it can make you seem more approachable, and people will feel less daunted in sharing their troubles with you.

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3. Do Not Be Judgmental

Being judgmental is the worst thing you can do. Remember that everyone has their own demons and struggles in life. You do not know someone’s history and motivations behind their actions.

Hence, you must limit your judgments and practice kindness by understanding their point of view. By being in their shoes, you will truly be able to help others and show them kindness and warmth when they need it the most.

4. Be A Good Listener

More often than not, we believe in speaking more than listening. However, simply by listening to someone speak, you can be their channel for catharsis, which can further make them feel better.

So, the next time someone shares their woes with you, stop the urge to talk about yourself. Pay attention to others when they speak and ask intelligent questions. This will make them feel wanted and understood.

That said, do not be insincere about it. Do not justify being busy as an excuse for being unkind.

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5. Learn The Art of Compassion

Finally, being compassionate is a must virtue that we all must possess. It is important that each and every one of us cultivates compassion within ourselves.

People who are compassionate understand precisely how it feels when they are down on their luck. Hence, they know about all the right and wrong things to say because they have learned it the hard way.

Our experiences are our biggest teachers, and they can help us be more compassionate towards others. As a result, you can practice kindness by feeling what someone else feels.


One of the best things you can do in life is to be warm to others, be kind, and make them happy. Life can become much more beautiful and easier if each of us could treat everyone with kindness, respect, and politeness.

Therefore, by showing kindness to unkind people, you can set an example and reflect your true worth by your actions because they really do speak much more than words.



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