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Top 7 Tips On How To Be Honest With Yourself

“Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door.”


Top 7 Tips On How To Be Honest With Yourself
“Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door.” ― Vernon Howard


Comfort is what every individual seek and in order to achieve it, we lie to ourselves as we are scared to face the unknown and the forthcoming. On our way to this path of comfort, we end up eating away our soul and hence causing ample of future pain.

A lie might make our lives a little easy and it undoubtedly is the paradigm to avoid pain. But it eventually rots the individual inside out.

Lies are what we believe because considering the opposite will certainly hurt our ego. At times, the difference between the two is so subtle that even the brain logically tricks one to believe a lie.

Human being is so biased towards social desirability that he ends up lying to create a socially favorable impression of him. It certainly is difficult to be deceptive willfully. It is pretty easy to lie if we aren’t aware of what we are doing.

Social desirability bias makes one lie even to him than just the society. It helps an individual paint a rosier picture of him than what he actually possesses.

Since mankind has layered himself in lies, it is pretty difficult to truly know one. One is not even sure whether the logics behind his actions are genuine or not, or if they have elaborately constructed the lie to pursue different goal.

Self deception lets one purse the higher motivations while being driven by the baser ones.

Every now and then we are asked to seek truth and accept it but we never look at the core truth, rather we believe in the circumstantial one as it soothes us.

So, it is the time to untangle self deception and be honest with yourself as it is what will lead you to a merrier tomorrow. A future where you know yourself well, you accept yourself the way you are and others as well. The journey might be difficult in the start but certainly the destination is beautiful.

Below mentioned are 7 tips to be honest with yourself; the easy steps to follow which will lead to a fog free and merrier tomorrow.


Be bold enough to take the responsibility of what just happened, what is happening currently and what will happen in the future.


Have the courage to make a firm and definitive decision no matter how scary going forward is.


Don’t stick with the glorious past, move forward to someplace which resonates with you. Take all the necessary actions.


Let others as well realize the hard truth. Irrespective of the repercussion, tell them if they have been lying to themselves as well as you.


Think before doing anything. If the work resonates with you, then do it otherwise let it be. No matter if everyone else is doing it or you are told to.


It is the moment, to make a decision and to stop lying to yourself. It is the time, it is the hour.


Stop associating yourself with those who don’t share your thoughts and values.

Reading this might be entertaining, but I encourage you to actually act on these. Make changes; erase, edit, rewrite.

Life is beautiful; don’t waste it by living a lie. Be honest with yourself and enjoy this beautiful journey.


Written By: Somdutta Das



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