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A True Friend is the One who Facilitate Your Development


“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” ― Alice Walker
“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” ― Alice Walker


Have you ever thought? What if you have a friend who always forces you to suppress your voice and does let you speak up and out around what you believe? Or Always creates obstacles in your work rather than facilitating development of your knowledge? A friend is a person who lets you grow and have a voice from you. Anyone who does not let you to express your view or who does not wish you to grow is not your friend. It is essential that you carefully judge and make a decision as who is your actual friend in this regard.

Freedom of manifestation is inherent to the foundation of friendship. At the completion of the day, have a look around and be aware of who you are surrounding yourself with. Are they actual friends who may struggle every now and then for you, allowing your growth or are they fake friends who constantly appear to create issues. It is essential to eliminate negative people in your life who will simply hold you back from making growth.

Select Friends who will Celebrate Your Success

All you need in your life is friends that celebrate with you, not just bear you. A true friend will celebrate each milestone, achievement and success story on your journey of life. They will be honestly happy to see you succeed and be the first to greet “congratulations!” The truth is that not all friends exist who relish with your success and facilitate your progress. It requires great judgement and decisive power to identify true friends who will not just wish your silence but also help you to grow. Friends like this can be occasional so when you get them, keep them close to your life.

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Friends with Similar Values

While assortment is great in numerous ways, when it comes to your general values and views, it’s finest to keep core friendships with like-minded persons. At the same time, picking friends that grasp similar values to yours will keep you from negotiating or being adversely influenced by those that don’t support your values and the ethics that you direct your life by. When friends bear similar values, they can admire each other’s thought and variances as well as aid to keep each other accountable allowing both to grow.

A purpose partner is a friend who you can share your aims and dreams with, and they will inspire you toward realizing them. When you express your purpose partners what you mean to do, they can benefit you stay answerable to following through. Facilitate them to check in on you and inquire you about your progress — and sort out the same for them. When you share interests, with friends you can catch out and accomplish things together. In return, the friend also gets benefited from you. This will assist you to grow and elevate your voice in a corporation of such friends.

Friends Motivate for Development

Disappointment comes when you have a friend that is negative minded or makes you down all the time and denies your growth. It’s generally the people that are inspiring and positive that you indeed want to be around. It demands you to inspire all the time to carefully and wisely deliberate only on person who is a well-wisher and a true companion. Identify friends depending on category, conversation, feelings and trust that can enable your development. The best kinds of friends will be there to contribute a listening ear and support you to put a positive spin on any situation.

Always choose the friend who is wise, positive spirited and acts as a facilitator for your development. It is a wise initiative to stay away from the one who hampers your growth or suppress your voice within you.


Written By: Tejas Adesara


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