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True Friendship: The Indulging Essence of a Sweet Responsibility


True Friendship: The Indulging Essence of a Sweet Responsibility
“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.” ― Khalil Gibran


Friendship is a sweet responsibility indeed! When you find yourself someone who understands you completely, you have found yourself a friend for life.

There is something quite soothing about having a true friend, whom you can confide in completely without the fear of being judged. Such is the indulging essence of true friendship and a sweet responsibility indeed!

Know when to Take a Stand: The Trait of a True Friend

Never ever will a true friend let you step in the wrong direction! A true friend looks beyond your flaws and always inspires you to be an achiever in life.

In fact, he/she will fight with you and if required, take a strong stand against you, just to ensure that you are always safe from deviating from what is right in life. Such is the sweet responsibility of a true friend and having one in life is purely a blessing!

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The Sweetest Responsibility of All

No matter what the situation is, a true friend will always make sure that you are not alone in your battles. Even when the whole world has walked out on you, a true friend will always stick by your side and make sure that you stay strong in all your life’s struggles. No doubt, this is definitely the sweetest responsibility of all!

Knowing that such a special someone exists in your life who will back you up whenever the need arises is truly an amazing feeling. Make sure you stick by them no matter what befalls, for such a true friend is rare to come by.

Life is short. Make friends with life and keep enjoying to the fullest. After all, you have got only one life to live!


Written By: Monika Nag



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