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True Learning: The Aid For Betterment


True Learning: The Aid For Betterment
“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia


Everyone has some flaws and defects in his life. All these defects are unveiled by virtue of true learning. As the person gradually learns new things in his life, he comes across three phases.

In the first phase, the flaws are identified. In the second phase, the person uses his learning to fill those voids and in the third phase, the person tries for the betterment of the results.

Identification of Flaws

True learning can help in marking out some of the existent flaws in or around the person who is acquiring the knowledge. Gradually as the person gets to know about things in the world, he gets the power to identify the voids and defects that need to be corrected to achieve perfection. These flaws may be present in the society of within himself.

Working Hard to Inculcate the Change

Once the flaws have been detected, the person uses his true learning to induce required changes. This would ultimately lead to achievement of perfection. The changes that need to incorporated into the system become evident by virtue of true learning only. All these changes can lead the system to function better and also would help the system to yield fruitful outcomes.

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Slow Modification of the Incorporated Changes and Growth

The change incorporation generally precedes working towards finding better solutions by inducing necessary modifications to the first incorporated change. True learning helps to find better solutions to every problem with increasing knowledge.

Had the change incorporated on the first hand been stagnant and permanent, it would have been slowly outdated. But true learning helps in modifying the solution by making necessary changes just for the better.


A world without change is a non functional world. Change is highly integral and it is what keeps the world worth living. Humans tend to incorporate changes in the world by true learning. However, the changes that are implemented should be benficial for all and should not cause any harm to any one.



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