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How Trying Is More Important Than Succeeding


“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” ― Theodore Roosevelt


Failure is an inevitable fact of life. If you have tried to succeed in life, you have definitely failed more than twice. It is a given. In fact, failure should be renamed as efforts. These are tiny teachers who make us learn lessons about ourselves. It is human nature to feel demotivated when we come face to face with failure, but ask any successful person and they will tell you the countless number of times they failed.

Follow these tips and find yourself getting up stronger the next time you fail or fall:

See the Situation as it is

More often than not, we have an addiction of looking at a situation through the microscope, that is, we make it look bigger and worse than it actually is. Stop doing that to yourself. See the situation in its real sense. Do not overestimate it or overthink it. It is not the end of the world and there is always a solution for it.

Wipe those tears and Get Up

There is no point sobbing for hours on bed. Do not guilt trip or sympathize for the failure you are going through. Just wake up from the slumber and do everything in your control to feel positive and capable. Do not let an instance change your outlook of yourself as a person.

Do not Brood

Make sure you do not sit with a friend and talk about the bad things that have happened in your personal life or career. This is never healthy and is sure to make you feel worse. Instead focus on how you can improve your condition. It is a failed attempt and you have a massive number of attempts left, always.

Read Up or watch people’s Success Stories

It is very easy to think that successful people have it on a silver platter. No. Any success takes multiple attempts aka failures to get you there.

Learn from Your Failure

Make up your mind to gaze at the failure as the best thing to have happened to you. It teaches you patience, grit, stubbornness, dedication and builds your personality. You are not your failure but what you take from it.

Network for a Better Restart

Consult people who have been in your situation and be ready to take advice. Do not feel inferior because this is nothing but your learning curve. This will make sure that you have a better chance at success next time. Meet people in your field, talk to them and take notes on how they dealt with similar situations.

Bounce Back like a Pro

Let the feeling sink in that you have not succeeded in a certain task and accept the feeling of sadness, desperation or disappointment. But do not overthink on this and spoil your mood. Instead, use the same energy to bring yourself back on the map. Bounce back instantly and work on whatever went wrong.


You are a wonderful soul on this planet with unique abilities and talents that the world deserves to witness. Do not let a particular failure bring you down and upset you. Plan, schedule and keep working on your skills till you attain mastery at it. Let your beauty shine through the work that you engage in. All humans face failure in life which can be rectified and improved for a better and more beautiful piece of work. You are extraordinary and so should be your will power. Work on being the strongest person you know.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta


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