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How To Use Mind And Heart With Different Situations?


How To Use Mind And Heart With Different Situations?
“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt


Does your mind and heart function together? If yes, how do you know it? According to my belief, yes they can function together. For example, you have an old jacket that you discarded but it can be utilized. You decide to donate it to a needy person. Here, you utilized your intellect.

Your mind made a decision. You went to charity home and donated it. You sensed the presence of humanity. Your heart felt the impact. Your thinking and actions are associated. Mind and heart cannot function alone.

How To Deal with Yourself?

When you have to deal with yourself, you have to make a decision. You should use your mind when dealing with yourself. Why?

Suppose you decide that you want to transform. For this, you will join a gym and start working out. You planned your daily routine. You decide to wake up early morning at 5 o’clock. You slept early so that you can rise early. The alarm buzzed in the morning. Now, you have two options. You can either wake up and began your journey of transformation or keep sleeping and remain the same.

Your mind knows that you have to wake up. But, your heart says to relax and enjoy the slumber. When you listen to your heart, you go easy on yourself. This is a major reason for most failures. Without determination, hard work, and strong will power, you cannot succeed.

Therefore, use your mind instead of your heart when dealing with yourself. You have to make sacrifices and drop the luxuries to achieve your goal.

Everyone is not born with a silver spoon. Strive hard to establish your own identity. Use your mind to groom yourself and then your heart to appreciate!

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How To Deal with Others?

When dealing with others, you can use both your mind and heart. This is because it’s important to analyze and for that, you need to use your mind. But at the same time, you must realize that every person is unique. Every person has their own mindset.

You cannot impose your thoughts and decisions on them. Professionally, you can do that because you are in an organization working for a common objective. But, in personal lives, you cannot control their life.

Therefore, you use your heart. How can you do that? Emotions! You should deal emotionally rather than practically.

Appreciate other’s efforts – For example, when a child paints a beautiful picture, appreciate the art. Instead of imposing your own suggestions, appreciation will help in motivating the child.

When your employees are having lunch, sit with them; share your meal, and show love and compassion.

When a cab driver drops you at the destination, convey humble greetings.

I have personally experienced it that when you appreciate others work, you motivate them to do better. You bring a smile on their face.

Heart helps in making a connection and you feel better. At the end of the day, you’d be happy for bringing a smile on someone’s beautiful face.

Mind and Heart are the Soul

Mind and heart control your lives. Your intellect and emotions function together. Without anyone, your soul is incomplete. When your soul is complete, you sustain humanity. Use your intelligence to improve your life.

When you are well established, you can contribute to the society. For this, always be optimistic and work hard.

At the same time, deal others with appreciation and gratitude. This will help you in making a connection so that you have a good social life.

When your professional life and social life is balanced, contribute to the society. After all, the ultimate objective of humanity is to serve others. When you serve a needy, you satisfy a soul.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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