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Why Victory is not Guaranteed for Everlasting


“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is losing.” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.
“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately so is losing.” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.


What is the joyful moment in your life? You will share your victory moment with your team. You comment how you slammed the opponent with your team efforts. You will share your role in bringing the win and precious experiences, joyful epics, with emotions, touchy words, tensions that you went through. You will live all those episodes while remembering.

Don’t Rely on “LUCK”

Luck has nothing to do with win. In fact your strength, willpower, confidence, team work are the key to win the game but not the luck. Imagine that you are on a journey in a long flowing river, both up stream and down, you can avoid rocks and dangers. If there is a blind corner and suddenly you realize the water is flowing speedily and rapidly. What will you do then? Will you run opposite to it or will you surrender to it or will you go with the water flow to save yourself. Many times success in journey of life is similar to a river that you can drive to some extent, if any of your sudden twists and strong winds comes along. We can’t solely rely on luck, we need to beat every fear with our bravery, we need to fight a fine fight till our last blood drop.

Think before participating the game whether you can face the hardships of the battle or give your full dedication. Those who carry the fight successfully agree to the point that the worlds have a lot to offer. That may look good, attractive, glittering tinsel but when observed in near it is just a little substance.

Victory Follows Your Path Like Shadow

This might confuse you, but you need to develop your will power to win the race with all your evens. You need to direct strengths to improve commitment, lead the path. There is a problem between successful person and other is not because of lack of strength, not even because of lack of knowledge but only because lack of will. Our remember T20 final match between Pakistan and India. Both are on the same edge to win, but India won the match only because having stronger will power than opponents. There’s no room for losing, and there’s always a gold cup with huge smiles every time.

Winning is Continuous

Winning the game is not for mere once at a time, it is continuous. Winning is all about doing the right thing in perfect time; it might be a strategy, play, decision, or anything that leads you to win the game. What if this turns to regularly then Victory is your habit.

Every time you play the game you have to play right from your soles of feet to head. Every inch has to play, you have to put your soul and mind most importantly you heart in game to win. Some people who are fighting for a long time bravely may grow weary and do not fight with the same vigilance.

What if Losing Enters Your Door!

Why live in fear? It sobers when loss rings the bell repeatedly which leads to depression. Remember getting victory in game every time is not easy, running a team is more than an organization. It’s always tough to beat our opponent, because he is there ahead of us to beat you.


Never lose hope, after every failure there’s a new opportunity to overcome our mistakes. Our inability or losing game teaches us more about ourselves than victory. Then why not you accept it more readily, willingly and anticipate that you are going to come back with newly renewed strengths, abilities.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha


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