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Victory Is The Actual Thing That Lasts Forever


Victory Is The Actual Thing That Lasts Forever
“Pain is only temporary but victory is forever.” ― Jeremy H.


The Everlasting Victory

How much have you been thinking about the pain? How much do you think others think about your pain and dedication towards the game? No one. It is the victory or the defeat that matters. Is not it? You have gone through so many pain but what matters in the end is your victory.

Victory is forever. You are remembered for making a history. Your victory is registered in the pages of history. But remember, my friend, this victory does not mention about your pain along with it. Your pain is temporary.

Jeremy H has rightly said, “Pain is only temporary but victory is forever.” You cannot achieve success at all without the pain. You have to undergo the pain for sure if you want to win in the game.

You will shed the sweat. You will have cramps in your calf muscles. You will feel tired but remember, these sufferings are nothing before the joy of victory.

Remember, when the whole world will give you a standing ovation for your victory. Remember, your parents smiling somewhere in the crowd. Imagine your friends cheering madly for your win in the game.

When all these things can be perceived, the pain diminishes by itself. These joys are nothing before the pain.

Victory and Pain

There is a connection between the victory and the pain. Do you know what is that? The more pain you suffer for your target, the closer you become to your win in the game.

The pain, in fact, becomes temporary after the win. You do not remember all the time that you went so much for that but this win will always be remembered by all. You will remember the pain but the suffering of the pain will be forgotten.

You have to understand that the pain you are causing to yourself is nothing when compared to the joy you will get at the time of the win in the game.

There is an established relationship between victory and pain. You are closer to the target if you have suffered more pain. In fact, it makes you a stronger in personality and it improves your chances to win the game.

Pain does not only improve but each cramp in the muscles will remind you that it is not easy for anyone to achieve the target. Remember, had it been so easy to achieve the target you are trying to achieve, then it would not have been so much valuable as it is now to you.

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Pain is something that all cannot afford

Pain is unbearable by most of all. It is the one who bears the pain exceptionally well gets the best result. It is the one who bears the pain exceptionally well gets registered in the pages of history.

Bearing pain is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you can afford these extreme pains, do remember that you are the one who deserves to be registered in the pages of the history.

Had been pain bore by all, then there would be nothing hard in achieving the success you are trying to achieve. So, the God has made that target far away from the reach of the common man. You are not a common man and you have to prove this for sure if you really want to showcase your victory in the game.

Pain is Real but Temporary

Yes, it does not matter how much pain is temporary but in reality, the pain is very real. It will try to scare you away from the goal. It will try to shoo you away. But, it will be your determination that will scold the pain to mind his own business.

Go and tell the world that the pain you are going through are just some hills. The mountains are yet to come but you cannot turn back at any cost as you want to see the rise of the sun from the peak of the mountain.

You have to overcome all these pain for your victory. You can do this only if you are determined for it.

Remember, my friend, the pain is real but temporary. Do not be scared away from your goal. Take the control over the pain.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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