Vineet Narain – The Journalist who has Taken Initiative in Anti-Corruption Movement


In the case of fighting against the crime and corruption, a single person alone can make a big difference. The Indian Journalists are ought to unveil the truth in front of the eyes of the public. No matter what the situation is, the prime motto of the journalists should be to bring out the truth in front of the eyes of the public. Although in these days the journalists not always have the power to bring out the truth, some of them are really fighting hard to save the society by bringing out the corruption and negative sides of the society.

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Some of the journalists of India are set to unveil the truth no matter what the consequences are. The corruption of the upper crust of the society is technically destroying the country. The lone crusader Vineet Narain, who is also an Indian journalist, has been working restlessly to bring out the truths in front of the eyes of the public day in and day out.  During the Jain-Hawala-Militancy Scam Crusade, well known as Hawala Scam during 1990’s, he set to bring out the truth of many corrupt politicians in front of the eyes of the public.

Early Life of Vineet Narain

Vineet Narain was born on 1956. His father was vice chancellor for two well-known Universities of Uttar Pradesh. He had finished his early education in Uttar Pradesh, later he had finished his higher education from the well known Jawaharlal Nehru University of Delhi. From the early stage of his life, he had been engaged with politics.

In his professional course, he had fought against the corruption of admission process. His motivation of fighting against the corruption had come from his social activist mother, who was very active in student politics of Lucknow University during the 1940’s. She was a very spiritual person and she used to believe in the theories of Mahatma Gandhi. She had passed on her ideology to her children. From the tender age of 18, Vineet Narain had been working on an NGO engaged with the betterment of the rural area.

The Independent Journalism

During the 1980’s, the only television channel available in the India was Doordarshan. During 1986-87, Narain initiated a show named Sach Ki Parchain. It had first initiated to put the light on the failures in Govt. Policies. His daring act had shaken the upper crust of the society and he was forced to sacrifice his television career. Doordarshan was forced to end the television Sach Ki Parchain and as its producer Vineet Narain had wished the presence of television channel which is free from the influence of the Government authorities.

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He had launched the first-ever Hindi-language video news magazine at 1989 called Kalchakra. It had shaken the whole nation with its shocking reports. Consequently, he had faced many hurdles from the Film Censor Board which was strictly controlled by the government.  He had also challenged Delhi high Court for the independence of the television to bring out the truth.

The Hawala Scam and his Continue Work on Exposing the Truth

From the year 1993, he had started his effective work in exposing the truths of the corrupt politicians and high authorities which is well known as the Hawala Scam. Through his own famous video magazine named Kalchakra, he had exposed almost 115 top politicians and the bureaucrats of the country. It was one of the biggest scams of the country.

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In the Indian history, his effective works had forced the Supreme Court to bring Charge sheet against the pillars of the society for the first time. Till now, he is continuing to give weekly news report to the Australian Radio channel called SBS Radio. He also contributes in the weekly columns of more than two dozen Indian dailies. His work to expose the truth has started a new era in Indian History against the corruption.


Written By: Sanjay Kumar Patra


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