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The Wagon Of Success Is Driven By A Strong Vision

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”


The Wagon Of Success Is Driven By A Strong Vision
“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” ― Steve Jobs


Wholehearted efforts and dedication never go in vain since these result in a strong vision and success is driven by a strong vision.

If one has a keen interest in any reason or work, he/she will strive for attaining excellence in the same even though he faces a number of hardships. In such instances, no external effort is needed to the individual for success.

He/she will surely develop ample knowledge and ideas for smooth execution of such tasks. In fact, the happiness and satisfaction generated while thinking of completion of work would drive the individual to produce an excellent piece of work.

Downsides of Lacking Care in Work

It has been proved that working without having utmost care for the work tends to have no efficient output. Such works end up in complete dissatisfaction and in some instances, even stays incomplete.

It is always the urge and dedication of a man that makes the work complete. It is often seen that the great and eminent personalities in any particular sector enjoy their work and have converted their work into a hobby.

It is their care which has led them to make their mark in their own fields. Their urge for work has gradually become natural. It doesn’t require any kind of push or external force for making them perform well in their works.

Had they lacked the care for their works, these great personalities would have remained inconspicuous.

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The Perks of Loving and Caring the Work

If you are working on something you really care about, no other force can distract or manipulate you from doing so. Your ideas and implications would surely make their impact.

If you have the care for work, it would ultimately lead to having the desire for completion and further this would act as constant motivation for attaining success in the specific work.

The vision for the work will drag you to have their constant dedication to the work, stay loyal to the path of attaining success in it.

Success doesn’t come for free, but surely the works with zero interest and dedication will have no sign of success, no matter how much time one spends on it.

On the other hand, the works handled with care and efforts will surely be completed with a grand success without or with very negligible sign of hassle.

Success is Driven by a Strong Vision

People who enjoy their work always think about it. It is their care and the strong vision for work that doesn’t let them sleep and drives them towards success.

Such people do not need any external motivation for their dedication; since their vision becomes their constant source of motivation and drives them to success.

It’s never called labour when someone puts effort on the work which he/she loves, it would rather be called as forging the dreams one has set.

An eminent personality who stands as a testament for the fact that success is driven by a strong vision- Steve Jobs himself. Had he not cared about his work, iPhone and all the technological advancements happening at Apple Inc., the company he founded would have been mere dreams.

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Everyone is special; it’s just the field which one needs to discover to have his/her hands on. Complete success will surely come from keen interest and a clear vision of work.

No external dirt can remove the shine of a person who has a keen interest and utmost care for his/her work.

He needs to have an ardent love and care for his work which would lead him to have a strong vision and success would be driven by this strong vision.



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