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Wait! Do Not Hurry To Accomplish, In Fact Get The Correct Balance Just Like Our Other Nature Does!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”


Wait! Do Not Hurry To Accomplish, In Fact Get The Correct Balance Just Like Our Other Nature Does!
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ― Lao Tzu


With fast-paced lives, humans do not have time for themselves. All are in hurry to accomplish something or other. However, in this hurry they forget the aim of their lives. The things they want to do but are not able to as they come in the mid of their dreams.

We all are bustling around in our lives but do we take a moment and realize what we are doing and what we ought to do? The answer comes from within.

Just see how our Mother Nature reacts to all the changes. She is one who goes through the maximum changes yet attains what she wants to.

Finding the Correct Balance of Life

Life is a vicious circle and it paces just like a merry go round. It is you who have to simplify, stop and balance everything.

Nobody has the right onto your life. It is just you who own yourself, control what you can do. In short, “YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF”.

Get the correct balance of what you do and how you want to achieve it. In hurry, our body tends to breaks down, tend to be emotionally weak and stress over power on us. Stress is not what our life has thought for us.

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Stop! Take a Moment & Do Not Hurry to Accomplish

Have you ever seen roses blooming early than they can? Or butterflies flying too fast than their actual speed?

No, right? They take their own good time to blossom up.

Day and night does not run fast and everybody has 24 hours daily to finish off their works.

So, why hurry to accomplish? Just savor the moments as they are for a reason.

Suppose you are on a trip to your favorite destination and just to cover whole of the destination, you are in much hurry to see everything.

Instead enjoy each moment, cherish them with your near and dear ones. If you go too fast, you may miss out on many more things, which you should not have.

“Happiness is not a quick fix neither there is a shortcut to it!”

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Behave Like a Human and Not Machine

With such lifestyle, humans are becoming more of machines as to they have their fixed routine, control just like a machine do.

But this is not what we are meant to do. Look at our mother nature and how all things work.

The seeds grow into beautiful plants and trees gradually; Birds fly at a constant speed, seasons and weather change with their time and lot many other things.

We must learn things from Nature and get the correct balance of our lives, which is indeed required.

“Doing things faster does not mean we would gain or accomplish much more or better things!

Life is not a race wherein we would be judged on who is coming first or last. In fact, our world has become so frantic and would be even faster paced in future, that we would forget who we are and what we are for.

If we slow down our apace, we would be able to THINK, think clearly and make less number of mistakes which are usually made in hurry.


The best sanity and learnings human can get is looking from the surroundings. Our Mother Nature has so much to give to us but we do not intend to take it.

Nature accomplishes what it wants to by taking its own good time and we are always in hurry to accomplish.

Few things, which we can understand from the working of nature, is:

  • Adaptability – Nature adapts to weather and climatic changes, natural calamities and lot more but just look at how humans react when even a small situation does not go in their favor. Try to get the correct balance and adapt to the situations as naturally as you can.

  • Connectivity – Nature knows the best of it can be obtained by co-operating and connecting. Just look at how the collaboration between honey and bees goes. Both have their own purpose but they connect with each other to fulfill it. We as humans are in competitive bubble wherein we want to go ahead of each other.

“Controlling the life situations are not in our hands but the way we deal with them is more important!”



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Hetal Kabra
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