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Ways To Be Helping Hands To Others


Ways To Be Helping Hands To Others
“Helping hands are better than praying lips.” ― Mother Teresa


No individual was born happy but we are all born with the ability to create and spread happiness. So, make your little efforts to make someone happy.

One should make small initiatives, do little things and add happiness to someone’s life because your small initiatives mean a lot to someone else.

Happiness is best enjoyed and cherished when it’s shared with others. Holding it to yourself, you won’t understand its importance and worth.

This journey which we all are riding on is best enjoyed when we go the extra mile to make efforts to encourage others and keep an eye out for others. All individuals are the vital threads in someone’s tapestry.

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We are all woven and interconnected together for a certain reason. Life is rhythmic when we all play the notes in perfect sync and harmony.

Seeking the blessings from the almighty certainly provides us with all the strength to deal with all sorts of situation.

The almighty will only provide one with all the hope to cope up with situation and it might give us the strength to keep going but it is the help we get from the people around us which gives us all the moral and physical support to surpass every situation in life.

A prayer never does any good without the actions. It is just a self-talk an individual have which might serve as a path towards the goal.

We are blessed with a body, mind and soul. The greater cause we all live for is humanity. We all individuals are assigned this role to serve the greatest purpose of humanity and be the helping hands for others.

Instead of seeking the blessings in the form of mantras, chants and prayers; the best way to seek the same is by serving the humankind and other living beings.

A prayer without any action is like mocking at your own self. A prayer is always complemented with activism. One should contribute his time, energy, resources towards the well being of others.

Ways to be a Helping Hand to Others

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1. Spread Your Happiness

Learn to share your happiness with others. It will never reduce yours but at the same time it will add on to some happiness in the lives of others.

2. Understand the People Around You

Try understanding the ones you encounter in your life. Try to understand their situation and make your judgment if they are in need of any help. If so, then try helping them to the best of your ability.

3. Be Generous to Others

Be nice and generous to others. That is the best way to reach out to someone and strengthen relations and gain their trust.

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4. Learn the Art of Sharing

Don’t be over possessive about yourself and your belongings. Learn to share it with others. This way you add up to someone else’s happiness.

Helping others out is the only way to reach the stage of self-actualization. And this will thus help the individual to have a clear conscience.

So, be a helping hand to others rather than just being the praying lips.


Written By: Somdutta Das



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