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Ways To Become Courageous and Unstoppable


Who says courageous people are not fearful? There are ways to become courageous and unstoppable, but every person has fears in their heart and mind. Different people are afraid of different things.

Ways To Become Courageous and Unstoppable
“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.” ― Amelia Earhart


I grew up in a household where my mother was the courageous one. She left her family, travelled all the way to Delhi to be with her love, and follow her passion.

My mother, Dr. Manju Rani Choudhary, came from a small town in Odisha, but she had big dreams. Her whole family were into gold business, and women never got the encouragement to make a successful career.

What if she did not have the courage to step out of her comfort zone? What if she was forced into marriage with a complete stranger?

I still think about how life would have been if she did not have the courage to follow her passion.

This thought crosses my mind once every week. As I was skimming through my mother’s academic certificates, Amelia Earhart‘s poem, ‘Courage’ popped into my head.

Her poem’s opening lines, ‘Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace’ holds true for any person.

Here’s an inspirational post for you. This is not about my mother, who is no longer with us. It is about every person who is too afraid to follow their passion or fulfil their dream.


It Takes Courage to Move Forward in Life

The Indian society has countless taboos. You will notice that divorcees are treated as untouchables. Maybe things are changing for good, but people talk behind the back and give you unnecessary tags.

Hear me out – there is nothing wrong with choosing happiness. What if the woman is a victim of domestic violence? Should she bear the injustice for the rest of her life?

Women are becoming aware of their rights, and it takes courage to end a marital relationship. You have to move on in life to get happiness and peace of mind.

Courage brings peace and happiness to your mind and heart.

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It Takes Courage to Put an End to Injustice

In the year 2017, a 17-year old girl from Pune took a stand for herself. The identity of the girl is unknown, but her case became an example for many women out there. She was harassed by a 21-year-old man named, ‘Ganesh Dhamdhere.’

At first, she did not file any complaint and tried to ignore the situation. But, the man did not stop and he started harassing her.

The 17-year-old girl went to the police and filed a complaint. It granted peace of mind to this girl, and the man was behind the bars for his misdeed.

Many women live in villages and small towns. Some are bowled over by the courage that many women showcase in the outside world. But, what are the ways to become courageous?

Women often get fearful that if they complain, the man would attack or take revenge. The higher authority is there to protect you. What if you don’t say anything at all? It will give confidence to the molester to harass you anytime they want!

What are you waiting for?

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Ways To Become Courageous – Be Unstoppable & Fearless

You need to have thick skin in this world. India is progressing, but rape cases are not coming down. You need to have the courage to speak against the evil.

Besides, courage is a great value! Some people imbibe it from childhood, and others are able to learn and use it in certain situations of life.

Always remember that the most courageous people have fears too. They fear of failure and not being good enough. They fear retirement and not being able to keep up with the current competitors.

But, being fearful will not bring you the reward. You have to be unstoppable and fearless. You have to keep working towards your dream.

How will you learn something without failing a couple of times? People will tell you that you are not cut out for UPSC exam, but YOU are the best judge. If you study hard and stay motivated, you can do anything you wish to do!

There are many ways to become courageous, but the most important thing to do is to embrace your fears and speak your mind/chase your dreams anyway! Don’t think about the end-result. Think about the effort you need to put to achieve your goals.

To stay motivated, read the Top 100 Motivational Blogs. After all, everyone needs motivation at some point. Whether it is love, friendship, family, work space, or ambition; motivation is needed to stay focused and complete all the milestones.

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Fake It Till You are Able To Make It

In conclusion, you have to tell yourself that you are unstoppable and courageous. You have to trick your mind into thinking that YOU CAN DO THIS.

If you do not wish to live with regrets, go ahead and try new things. Make mistakes and learn from them.

You have got one life, so make this count!



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