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5 Ways To Discover Good Qualities In Others


Everyone is bestowed with one or the other talent. It’s up to you how to identify and admire the talent of the people around you. When you devote your best, there are high odds of excelling in your career.

However, the purpose of life is not just the fulfillment of personal goals. You also need to emphasize the growth of your family, partners, society, the people you are connected with.

Bringing out the best in others can gradually change the world. For that, you need to learn how to explore good qualities in others. With patience, you can gradually point out the admirable characteristics of people around you.

5 Ways To Discover Good Qualities In Others
“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” ― William Arthur Ward

Why I should discover good qualities in others?

    • Gives you an idea of what improvements you can make in your life.
    • How people around live contentedly despite facing sorrows.
    • Supports the growth of that person or group of persons.

Let’s now know the various ways to determine good qualities in others:

5 Ways To Discover Good Qualities In Others

1. Be Compassionate

The nature of giving is one of the best ways to find out the good qualities in others. Being kind not just implies helping anyone financially, you can assist anyone with your advice, talent, etc.

When you start showing compassion to a person, you will soon know what’s the exact difficulty of that person is. During this process, you will know how they cope with their hurdles in life yet don’t give up.

Apart from that, you will analyze several other decent characteristics they have. It is hard to observe the talent concealed in somebody.

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2. Be Flexible

Talent adopts several forms and it puts people in a few extraordinary circumstances. Several of the talented people you come across will be quite unique to you and they may have different perspectives towards life.

Your biggest challenge is to see past your own prejudices to mark a light burning within that person. Initially, it may seem trivial but gradually you will admire how being flexible discovers you with qualities in others.

3. Live in the Present

If you only love and admire your own abilities, you would never discover the skills around you. To spot talents in other people, pay attention to their habits and the way of living. For that, you need to be in the present.

Overlook the adverse phase you faced in past and eliminate the worries of future. What you have in your hands is the present.

“When you choose to see the good in others, you end up finding the good in yourself.”

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4. Realize the Flaws

Nobody is perfect and every one of us has some or other flaws. All of us have some portion of emotional quotient. Also, all of us are born with some unique talents.

Appreciating the flaws in others may seem weird but it is essentially a positive approach to implement when you want to find good in others.

Start by first realizing the flaws in others and in this process, you can easily pinpoint the good qualities they already have.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said,

“We often criticize the things in other people that we fear most in ourselves.”

Generally, we condemn the things in other people that we are afraid of in our lives. Instead, when you realize the flaws, you can appreciate good qualities in others.

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5. Develop Curiosity

When you want to pinpoint the good in others, first develop an interest in them. Keep your eyes and ears open and you cannot assume the astonishing benefits. For that, drop your assumptions about people and then cultivate interest.

One of the finest ways to discover good characteristics in others is to inquire plenty of questions. You can spare time when the person is free and ask them something about their success and failure.

The more you develop curiosity, the more you can know about a person. For the same, you need to make some compromises in your daily schedule and dedicate time for them.

The person has already invested effort in him/her. All you need to do is invest efforts and time in him/her. Make sure you don’t get irritated while knowing about their failures, success, and good qualities they own.

“To accomplish anything important, you must involve other people.”



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  1. Another way to discover good qualities in others is by getting to know people better. There are times when we form our own opinions about who people are without even exchanging a word with them. It could be that they don’t fit into our societal description of how normal people should look and behave. A common example is people who are covered in tatoos. often times they are frowned upon as criminals and this is typically not the case. We need to get to know more about people instead of labeling and forming our own conclusions about who they are not.

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