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5 Ways To Make Money with ClickBank

How To Earn Money on ClickBank?


The majority of affiliate marketers are aware of ClickBank but only a few of them know how to earn money with ClickBank.

If you are fascinated to know various ways to make money online with ClickBank, then this article is for you.

But before diving deep into the details, let’s first know what ClickBank is:

What is ClickBank?

A lot of people assume ClickBank as another affiliate network. Unlike the traditional affiliate platforms, ClickBank works as a marketplace for affiliates as well as people who create products. Hence, they together can earn money without involving in complex agreements.

In other words, ClickBank is an online platform enabling you to promote various products as an affiliate. Also, it allows you to drive affiliates to your products in form of a vendor and earn money from it.

Overview of how ClickBank works:

How ClickBank Works

ClickBank works as the middleman between the creators of digital products and people who can sell those products.

Examples of digital products include videos, music, eBooks, and more.

Based on which party of the marketplace you belong to, ClickBank accomplishes one of these functions:

    • Works as a product marketplace for affiliates.
    • Works as an e-commerce platform for information product owners.

5 Ways To Make Money with ClickBank

5 Ways To Make Money with ClickBank | Make Money Online

1. Promotion Using YouTube Videos

How to Promote ClickBank Products Using YouTube Videos

One of the most popular methods on ClickBank is recording YouTube videos, training people, and then compelling them to purchase ClickBank products.

The entire process is not at all complex. Use your PC or laptop or phone to encourage people for trying ClickBank products that you are an affiliate for.

The decision is up to you whether to create educational content or simply review various products. For both content types, you can earn passive income.

Gradually, you can begin making YouTube videos and subsequently promote ClickBank products.

Do you know what the best thing is? Well, you need not be in front of the camera. Only by using your voice or pictures or animations, you can generate significant sales.

Visit here to start promoting ClickBank products.

2. Using Your Website for Promoting ClickBank Products

Using Your Website for Promoting ClickBank Products

For this approach of making money online, you will need a website. If you don’t have one, follow the below steps:

    1. Choose a WordPress platform to build a website.
    2. Browse through different plans and choose the plan that suits you. (Premium plan recommended).
    3. Choose a topic of the website considering the ClickBank products you want to promote.
    4. Select a name for your business. (It will appear at the top of the website).
    5. Select a domain name or URL for your online presence (Remember to check the domain name availability).
    6. Purchase your subscription plan.
    7. Write informative content on the chosen topics by including the long-tail keywords. Make sure to include the best ClickBank products capable to convert visitors into customers. (Note: The content you write should drive sales and simultaneously educate people.)
    8. Include the ClickBank affiliate links within your content and then publish it.
    9. Submit your article URLs to Google via search console.
    10. To drive traffic, share your content on various social media platforms.
    11. Try to produce new content regularly.
    12. Within 4-5 weeks, you will begin getting good results. Consequently, it generates scalable and sustainable passive cash flow as you publish more informative articles.

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3. Selling Your Own Products on ClickBank

How To Sell Your Own Products on ClickBank

ClickBank streamlines the promotion of your digital goods and services. You need to pay $49.95 as a one-time activation fee if you want to become a seller on ClickBank.

Once you have signed up as a vendor, the next step is to list your product(s). Now it’s up to you to set the commission percentage you want to pay to anybody who wants to market your product for you.

After your product gets listed, the other ClickBank users will begin marketing it on their websites. Consequently, it drives traffic to the sales page on your website as well as results in sales.

Visit here to start selling your products on ClickBank.

4. Paid Promotion of ClickBank Products

How To Promote Your Own Products on ClickBank

Paid advertising is known to be one of the speediest approaches to grow your revenue and sales. The prominent platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can be used for the paid promotion of ClickBank products.

Whichever platform you opt for, keep in mind that you cannot directly advertise the affiliate products. This is because your ads will not get approved with the affiliate links.

For effective paid promotion, you need to create a landing page. It would be great if the landing page consists of an opt-in email form and an educational video. Subsequently, you can promote your link.

For building landing pages, you can use a tool i.e. AWeber Page Builder. This tool enables the creation of eye-catching landing pages and also allows you to create your email list.

You can visit this link to begin paid promotion.

Following are the 3 key ways for paid promotion of ClickBank products:

• Facebook Ads
• Google Ads (Adwords)
• YouTube Pre Roll Ads

5. Making Money on Instagram with ClickBank

Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank

This approach shows how the combination of Instagram and ClickBank lets you make significant money.

Firstly, sign-up for a free ClickBank account. Go to, click on ‘Create Account’ and enter your personal information.

From the ClickBank dashboard, you will find the products to promote.

The next step is to pick a profitable niche. The success of this approach lies in choosing a suitable niche.

So, follow the tips below.

Tips to choose a profitable niche:

    • Choose a niche you know about.
    • Make sure the niche has clear ways to earn money.
    • The niche must be easily locatable on Instagram.
    • Research pertinent hashtags and topics on Instagram to know how famous a niche is.

The next step is to source products or online courses for promotion. For that, click on Affiliate Marketplace. Here, you will find all the products that you can promote for earning an affiliate commission.

After the product selection, you need to create a landing page. This is the page where you will send your Instagram traffic to. To make this page convertible to sales, it is recommended to use Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

Now it’s time to begin promoting your product.

The following tips help you drive traffic:

    • Include a descriptive bio that narrates what your product and page are about.
    • Include your niche’s keyword in the bio.
    • According to your niche, upload high-quality images.
    • Use Hashtags.
    • Use Instagram stories or paid ads on Instagram or promote a free gift.
    • Follow up with your leads.

Final Words

ClickBank is one of the easiest affiliate networks for making money online. On this platform, there is an almost endless supply of products belonging to various niches.



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