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What Are The Best Ways Of Gaining Wisdom


What Are The Best Ways Of Gaining Wisdom
“We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.” ― Leo Tolstoy


Life is a learning process. Every day, you learn something. Is there someone who knows everything? Have you ever met a person who knows about each and everything in this world? The answer is, there is no one.

The universe is an infinite source of information. This information keeps on evolving. Therefore, you must realize that you cannot know everything. When you realize that each experience is an opportunity for learning; your journey towards wisdom begins.

Accepting the fact that you know nothing, and thereby learning with new zeal every time, is the wisest option for gaining knowledge.

A newborn baby is unaware of this world. A newborn baby has a pure heart and an open mind. The baby doesn’t know about the man-made beliefs like caste, creed, gender, and ethnicity. Moreover, he/she doesn’t discriminate on the basis of these beliefs.

What do you understand? When we end discrimination on the basis of baseless beliefs, we move a step closer to wisdom. We should believe in scientific facts and beliefs rather than hypothetical theories.

You should strive towards gaining knowledge through experimenting and observations. Before gaining knowledge in diverse fields, we should learn to develop relations and respect.

You Know Something when You Know Nothing

Do you remember your days in school? Whenever your teacher said that we would read a new chapter today, you would be ignorant about the details of the chapter. Therefore, you would pay attention in the class and show interest in the subject.

What is the reason behind such grave concentration and interest? Your ignorance is the reason. You do not know anything about the subject and this makes you eager to learn more about it.

When you accept the fact that you know nothing; it’s the beginning of learning. Always inculcate a feeling of modesty. When you are modest, your mind is available for rational thinking. Gradually, you will develop an inherent quality of learning something from the scratch as if you know nothing.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing!!”

There are two kinds of persons. One that says they know nothing. They do not intend to pursue learning and hence, puts an end to their growth.

Then, we have the second kind of persons. They also admit that they know nothing. But their intention is different. When they accept the fact that they know nothing, they actually know something.

When you accept that you know nothing, this implies that you realize you need to learn more so that you can gain knowledge.

Wisdom through Learning

In life, you learn by three methods. First, you learn by hearing or reading. Your teacher teaching in the class or you are reading a textbook; this is the first method of learning.

Second, you learn by observing. You saw a man going to the gym regularly for six months. After six months, he became leaner and stronger. Therefore by observing, you learned that exercising keeps you fit.

Thirdly, you learn with experience. When you experience something, you learn about it. The experience may be bad or good, but you realize its implications.

So, you learn by reading, observing and experiencing. These three methods help you in attaining wisdom. 

Wisdom is not about gaining immense knowledge, cramming books or enrolling for various courses. It’s about experiencing the nature and environment.

Nature is a complex phenomenon. When you try to grasp its functioning, you will learn more.

Self-realization, reasonable mind, and caring nature are the signs of wisdom. Adapt the three methods of learning and you will learn something new in each moment of your life.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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