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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About How Leader Motivate Followers


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About How Leader Motivate Followers
“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” ― George S. Patton Jr.


The ability of a leader depends on how he inspires and motivates his employees. The basic thing he has to do is to keep trust on his team members.

It is like a pillar in any relationship either husband-wife or employee-leader. If it is broken, it is extremely hard to repair.

George S. Patton Jr. rightly said that “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

It means keep trust on people and let them do their work in their own way as it brings the best results.

Build Trust through Words

The most common issue in employee’s performance is Lack of Trust in leadership. It impacts on the work performance. Many organizations have increased their performance with trust in employees.

Choose your words carefully. Be honest in your reviews and deliver them in a respectful tone of voice. Think of your employees like your friends, not your servants.

It requires hard work to build trust and support them whenever they do mistakes. Considerate their effort and work as a team. It goes a long way for leader in building trust.

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Leader Behavior

The leader’s behavior shows the culture of an organization, it plays a prominent role in the behavior of the employee which shows in the results.

It reduces the communication and transparency which in turn results in low innovation and responsiveness to changing circumstances.

Take care of the employees as it improves the business performance.

Motivate to Work Beyond Money

As a leader, you need to bring positive energy and passion to your workplace.

Great leaders are a deep reserve for physical, spiritual and emotional energy. It is built by regular exercise and setting a time for reflection.

Your organization will not work without the people. So, they can be termed as the engine for your success.

Influence each other to achieve great success. If you struggle to communicate with your employees, then manage to influence individuals by selecting words that are impactful to carry your message. Then it becomes easy to communicate with larger audience.

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Lead by Example

Encourage your team members by stressing the importance of working as a team and achieving goals.

Have an optimistic look and positive attitude as it inspires them to adopt the same attitude and continue to give best results.

Here are some Practical Steps:

    • Start small. Work on talking to one person at a time. You could make it a goal to start a conversation with one person each time you meet them. First of all, try to smile. If you don’t know what to say, ask questions or share something about yourself.
    • Trust, like respect, must be earned. So be patient.
    • Be a good listener. People often respond to sincere words that are kind and pleasant. 
    • Weigh your words before speaking.

The Leader is the most trustworthy person and he should consistently speak truth with his followers. He should not use words as his tools to gain personal advantage.

If any member confides in him, the trustworthy person keeps the confidence but should not gossip about it. If he makes a commitment, he has to keep his word at any cost.

He works along with his team members and does not seek to get easy money at the expense of other people. Adhering to the similar standards of behavior help us to be worthy of being trusted by others.


As a leader inspires, motivates and sets a bar for your team members which help them to reach greatness. Listen to them to understand what the team needs and provide accordingly.

Be respectful and show it through your actions and words. Give them space to surprise you with their results.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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