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Winning Is Not What Matters; What Matters The Most Is The Desire To Win

“Winning isn’t everything-but wanting to win is.”


Winning Is Not What Matters; What Matters The Most Is The Desire To Win
“Winning isn’t everything-but wanting to win is.” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.


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Want to Win is the Winning

How much pain have you bore till now because you lost every match you play? Did you know you are returning to the game always a mile stronger?

One day, you will be a winner only if you want to be the one. After a series of losses, you will have a turn and turn about of winnings. But what should be done if you really want to win?

Vince Lombardi Junior says,

“Winning isn’t everything – but wanting to win is.”

Vince Lombardi was American footballer, coach, and executive in National Football League (NFL). With his experience in sports, he has rightly said the aforementioned quote. When we think about this quote, we would dive deeper into the new techniques of winning at the end of the game.

The right attitude of winning would give you a habit of winning every time. But before tasting the success, you would have to win over the defeats. The moment you have passed the defeat phase; the success would be all yours.

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Why Winning is not Everything?

You might be thinking that I am befooling you but if you think deeper, my friend, you will realize this is the truth. Indeed, winning is not everything. Whether you win or lose, what mattered the most that you tried. If you have tried and given your best, you have won.

There is no competition with others when you are competing with yourself. But one day, you would not realize that while competing with yourself, you have surpassed the achievements of other players of the same field.

If you think that winning is everything, there would be a high probability that you will lose the game. It is not a cake walk, my friend. It requires a lot of hard work, persistence, and dedication. If you have already assumed that winning is everything, you are not going to win.

There would be a point in your life where you would have to face the defeat. On that point of your life, you would lose everything if winning has been everything to you. You would lose the motivation to stand up and fight again as your energy and motivation would be drained away with the defeat in a game.

The Want to Win is the Right Attitude

It has been rightly highlighted that the want to win is the right attitude. If you really want to win, you will have to understand that winning is not everything. Instead of it, you have to realize that your want to win is the right attitude if you really want to win the game.

Your burning desire would keep your motivation and dedication alive even after you have been defeated a multitude of times. Your burning desire, your true want would not let you lay down your arms ever again. If this attitude has been drawn in your life, you would be successful in everything you try.

Remember, Usain Bolt did not win his first race. He lost several races but his want to win made him the best athlete in the world. Even when Michael Phelps was born, he did not win his first swim race.

They both lost several races before they could taste their first win. If both these legends had the attitude of Winning is Everything, then they would not even be qualified in Olympics.

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Keeping the Want Alive

Now, it becomes important to keep your want alive. If your want dies with each loss in the game, you would not be able to win again. Your motto should be to stay motivated all the time.

Before you practice for your game, remember that you are there to compete with yourself. If someone defeats you, always remember that you have won against yourself. With each game you play, you are coming out to be a better and stronger player than ever.

If you have been surpassing your own performance in the game, you should know that one day you will be surpassing the performance of the best player in your sport.

Keeping this want alive is very necessary to let your soul and body reach the winning position. That day is not far when winning would become your habit in your games and life as well.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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