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Wisdom of Contemplation: The Highest Human Achievement

“Contemplation and wisdom are highest achievements and man is not totally at home with them.”


Wisdom of Contemplation: The Highest Human Achievement
“Contemplation and wisdom are highest achievements and man is not totally at home with them.” ― Gabriel Marcel


Do you have enough time to think about a particular aspect? Or is it always that you must be doing something or other without taking any halt?

Well, nowadays, in fast paced life, we still need to contemplate. We don’t even have time to relax our minds and body. It is because we have forgotten our old human habit of contemplation.

Contemplation, well, it can have different meanings and different approaches. But to understand in a common language, then, Contemplation is having deep reflective thoughts.

The great philosopher Aristotle has mentioned contemplation to be the highest form of activity which is the most continuous one.

It is that phase where we overshadow the judgements we pass and things we do or don’t do. Thus Contemplation is the highest human achievement, and if that is done, we as humans have succeeded. 

Old Age Contemplation Practice

Contemplation has been done for ages, and in every religion, it is followed. It all has different approaches, but the goal is the same.

The mind and spiritual soul are to be nourished and have a union with God.

The same practice has been followed in Hinduism and Buddhism by taking Samadhi, Tibetan monks having meditation and Judaism by doing meditation to introspect and visualise.

Various other religions have their way of contemplating. Different cultures have different contemplation practices.

Apart from faith, we can see how philosophers or intellectual people reflect on ideas and thoughts and find their profound meaning.

Aristotle has said,

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than mere survival.”

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Benefits of having the Wisdom of Contemplation

    • Contemplation is a stress buster that calms our minds and relaxes the body.
    • It allows our mind to wander and focus again, clarifying our thoughts. 
    • It also generates new ideas and has a new approach to that ideas.
    • Finding solutions to our problems that you were stuck with due to non contemplation.
    • Practising contemplation helps us to understand the priorities of life.

How To Practice Contemplation?

There are many ways by which a human can practice contemplating and including in his lifestyle.

Contemplation is the highest human achievement that can be classified into spiritual and intellectual contemplation.

Spiritual Contemplation

Spiritual contemplating is more about nourishing our deep thoughts and spirit. It allows us to connect more with nature and the universe. It is for divineness.

Spiritual contemplation can be done via religious practices like studying books related to religion and praying.

You can also be close to nature, having natural hikes or trails, vegetation and plantation viewing or enjoying the lake and Mountain View.

That would allow you to have tranquillity and rejuvenates your energy obtained from nature. Another form can be meditation which allows you to calm your mind and have clear vision.

Intellectual Contemplation

Intellectual contemplation is related to those practices that allow our mind to think more logically. It does not mean you innovate or discover anything. It is to contemplate your life on what matters to you the most.

What are your worries? Do you remember when you took a break and did something about yourself or thought to do so?

Imagine having specific dreams and fulfilling them. This is where the wisdom of contemplation comes into play.

Be grateful for what you have obtained. We are so engrossed in the busy lives that we put our pain and worries aside because we don’t have time to think about it.

Contemplation is thus finding a solution to your fears and acting upon it.

So practice one thing. Take out 10 minutes for yourself daily and reflect on what your priorities are.

You can also start writing a journal/ diary on all thoughts that cross your mind daily. Putting out emotions and ideas on paper is the best human can do. It is therapeutic, and you will feel light.

Contemplation: The Highest Human Achievement

“Contemplation is both the highest form of activity (since the intellect is the highest thing in us, and the objects that it apprehends are the highest things that can be known), and also it is the most continuous because we are more capable of continuous contemplation than we are of any practical activity.”

This is stated in the book by Aristotle, suggesting contemplation to be the highest human good.

Aristotle reflected upon intellectual contemplation, suggesting intellect differentiates humans from animals. His main idea was to make humans understand that continuous contemplation is the best form of human life.

If humans have achieved it, their life would be at peace and full of satisfaction.

Contemplation practice has its virtue. It provides you with the gift of life leading with more clarity and compassion.


Think and reflect upon your ideas and provide a better approach to life. Take some time to walk around and see the beauty of nature and the things you are grateful for, and you will see life with much more power and dignity.

Wisdom of contemplation is earned by self-investing time in the thoughts and acting upon them. If your mind is always busy and doing something or other, you cannot contemplate.

A still mind can come across several thoughts and allows you to have time to think and obtain divinity.

“Contemplation seems to be about the only luxury that costs nothing.”
― Dodie Smith



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