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Wisdom: The Greatest Treasure Of Life


Wisdom: The Greatest Treasure Of Life
“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ― Thomas Jefferson


In life, no good deeds go unrewarded just as no adverse deeds go unpunished. Everything we do and we cause finds a way to come around to us in some way or the other. This is our Wisdom. The logic might sound ominous and depressing, but in fact, it isn’t.

When we break it down to rational pieces and implement, it becomes an incredible way of life. The greatest way to start accepting this concept is, to be honest. Every little honesty counts and is banked for our future rewards. The universe finds a way, always, to reward honesty and punish the dishonest in some way.

Being honest leads the path to wisdom. A person who is honest by his heart and attitude gets to know things better and is intelligent than others.

Honesty to Oneself Leads to Wisdom

Being honest in our works and words starts with us. This is further resolved in a sense, we as people first need to be honest with ourselves. Whether be it in our family, among friends, in workplaces or in our environment; this little virtue works wonders. One can gradually gain wisdom by adhering to the path of honesty.

When we study or given a task to do, we sometimes flunk it and make excuses. This might convince the person above us who put us to this task, but it never convince our conscience. It niggles at our conscience and pricks it day in and day out.

Honesty to oneself can be thought of in the following ways:

The Generation Next Level of Honesty

Teenagers today are the biggest proponents of this. They lack the required amount of acuity in their behavior and attitude. This is absolutely not an attempt to scandalize them, but it is a blunt truth.

They play hide and seek with their study work and assignments all year and at the testing time, their spirits get tested and inevitably broken.

They fail to carry out a task given which is not for anyone’s benefit but their own. But these vortexes of high energy hormones believe in piling excuses upon excuses as if it’s a right to do so.

They might get out of the sticky situation, but later the checks and balances of life stumble them causing a great deal of pain.

Enhance Your Intelligence through Honesty to Others

Further, honesty to others plays perhaps the most crucial role in one’s life. This quality improves not just the life of others in countless different ways but even the person concerned. This indirectly leads to an increment in the knowledge of the person concerned, thereby making him intelligent. The opposite, however, does damages in an excruciating fashion, the return of where sometimes is impossible.

Dishonesty with the people we love just sours our relationships and breaks people apart. So, the least that we owe to our family and friends is honesty beyond life.

Maintaining an honest attitude towards the family as well as others around you helps in the achievement of good acuity which is quite beneficial in the long run.

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Honesty in Workplace

Every person should maintain an honest attitude in the workplace. This will lead him to take a decision relating to the work in a more confident manner and develop acuity in the approach. An honest approach is a must at the workplace for a person to be successful in the future.

George Washington: Acuity through Honesty

The incident that happened with George Washington when he was young, often referred to as the cherry tree story, is not uncommon. In his childhood, he was gifted with an axe. In an attempt to use it, George cut off a cherry tree which used to be his father’s favorite tree. However, when confronted by his father, he did not hesitate to speak the truth although he could very well guess the adverse outcomes. However, his father was very happy for George had said the truth. This honest attitude of George Washington helped him gain wisdom which helped in different phases of his life. Later, he became the first president of the United States.

Other Famous Personalities who Achieved Wisdom through Honesty

The various other personalities who can be quoted as perfect examples of gaining wisdom by maintaining an honest behavior include Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Auto, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many more. Rather than falling down as a prey of the wrong path in tough times, these people kept their perspectives straight and sought to honesty for every work. This helped them land at the peak of success.


Whatsoever might the situation is, intelligent are those people who choose the honest path for their actions. Intelligence and honesty form a vicious circle together where adopting one ultimately lead to the other. Therefore it can be said,

“Knowledge comes from learning, Wisdom comes from living.”
― Anthony Douglas Williams



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