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Women and Society – 5 Positive Gender Equality Steps Towards A Better Society


Women and society. Since time immemorial, women and society had been in a complicated relationship. The very nature of the global society, patriarchy, neither allows the women of the world to bloom nor allows them to be fully aware of their potential.

The patriarchal society has always been a leash to women’s dreams and abilities. But how can a car drive fast if one of its wheels is broken? It would be only a matter of time that the car bursts into flame if it tries to drive fast with a broken wheel.

Hence the metaphorical dictation obviously points towards how women of the world is in dire need to be empowered in order to fix the balance of the society.

The illegal and inhuman suppression of women has not only slowed down the evolution of the human race but it has ruined the moral principles of the human being as a civilised society as well.

Women and Society – 5 Positive Gender Equality Steps Towards A Better Society
“The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” ― Charles Malik

Women and Society

As Charles Malik, the famous academic and philosopher has wisely said that the only and the fastest way to change society is through the women of the world.

Since the ancient medieval age, women have been oppressed, tortured, dehumanised to the pleasure of a particular mindset. How can a whole civilisation intend to apply the fastest way to change society when half part of its population is not being allowed to spread its wings?

Men and women – both are the pillars of the society we live in. You cannot break the pillar which is supporting the roof over your head, can you?

Are Women the Only Way to Change the Outlook of the Society?

There exist many cliches and one of them is that women are the backbone of society which is both true and false. Only half of the population cannot be the backbone of society – be it a man or a woman.

Women are not the only or the fastest way to change society but women are one of the ways. Women are the ways to change society once they are lifted from their pit of hell and they are allowed to raise their heel as high as the men of society.

Women are the way to change to society only when the age-old patriarchal mindset is burnt and gender equality is accepted with open hands and the women of the world is not only treated as women but human being first.

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5 Positive Steps on Behalf of Women Towards a Better Society

1. Inclusive job ads and ‘Equal Work, Equal Pay’

Among many other social issues, one of the biggest issues is the wage gap that still exists in the 21st century. Even though a survey has revealed that a substantial percentage of men regards ‘pay-gap’ as a made-up term, many racial and gender statistics proves them otherwise.

Thus, inclusive job ads and the efforts to minimise or eliminate the wage gap between a man and woman is one of the positive steps that big corporations can impact society in a better way. This will largely help the single mothers and women who choose to live alone and in turn, it will help in the growth of a better and accepting society.

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2. Parental Leave

Taking care of the baby is not the job of the mother alone, is it? A few years ago, this idea might have seemed extremely inappropriate and irrational but parental leave for both of the parents are slowly and steadily taking place in different big corporations.

It is an enormous influence on the child to see both of their parents sharing responsibilities equally will help us remove the age-old patriarchal taboo from the minds of the young generation.

Currently, most of the developing countries of the world provide men with paternity leave.

3. Challenge Your Inner Bias

It is not new that even many progressive men and women around us enjoy occasional jokes that are extremely offensive to women. And this comes from the limited thinking ability and a fixed mentality towards society and women as a whole. So, if you really want to impact society, start with your own bias.

Challenge and question your own thoughts, raise your voice against gender inequality. Challenge yourself to be a better person who can support and promote women.

4. Make Little Kids aware of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not a new thing. However, it is very important to teach little kids of their physical violation and what constitutes sexual harassment and they will be heard if they fall victim to such acts.

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5. Let Your Girl Be

Last but not the least, let your girl be herself. Do not unnecessarily restrict her to the four corners of your house. Let her wonder. Teach her how to be safe and let her travel and explore the world.


To change the outlook of the society towards the women of the world is not the job of the one person or one sector alone. In order to bring out the real change, change is needed in your heart and the way you work!



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