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Work Hard Today for a Successful Tomorrow

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”


Work Hard Today for a Successful Tomorrow
“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” ― Og Mandino


In this article, we are going to share our ideas to you about how doing your best now can help you in succeeding to enjoy a successful future.

We have all heard the saying “You reap what you sow”. This should be one of the reasons for every one of us to keep working hard and become successful in life. And there is no shortcut to it.

How Can I Be Successful in My Future?

The simple and obvious answer to this question of yours is hard work. If you are a hard working person and have not tasted success yet, do not lose heart because at one point or other your hard work will pay off.

Karma does not work only to make sure that you get negative effects of your wrong doing, it also rewards you for your positive doings.

It is natural that if you work hard to reach your goals in life, you will eventually reach them.

You cannot expect to work hard for a week and expect to get the results (Unless you are thinking about exams!).

Working hard and reaching success works in a way that if you have a very big goal in life, you will have to toil each day to reach the size of your goal.

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Never Lose Hope Even After Failing

Taking a list of all the successful people in life, there is only one trait common to all of them that is working hard till you reach success.

There is no one who has stopped working hard towards a goal and the goal has automatically succeeded.

If you wish to be successful, never lose your heart and get demotivated. Always have the will power to stay strong and keep working till you taste success. It is not instant noodles that you are trying to make with your life.

Obviously there will be many failures and you should be strong enough to keep working again so that you will become successful at one point.

Basically hard work is like planting a tree, watering it and looking after it.

Some may start growing bigger in a month while some may take years. Similar is the goals you have in life.

Not all goals can be reached with the same amount of time. Sometimes you will have to work harder and stay stronger for a long period till you succeed.

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Do Not Compare with Others

One of the most important lessons to learn in your life is that there is no point in comparing your life or the work you put in simply because no two people are the same.

There could be a person who is successful faster than you are in certain aspects but there are definitely strongholds for you too in which no one can be as good as you.

Work hard not thinking about the success right after but try to see the bigger picture and realize that your work may need a longer period to make it successful.


Always make sure that you work hard each day and do not give up in any situation.

Stay calm and motivated with the fact that you are putting your best effort. If you are honestly doing so, you will indeed taste success in your life in ways that you never expected!


Written By: Govind Gopinath



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