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You Can Become Strong By Overcoming Your Weaknesses


You Can Become Strong By Overcoming Your Weaknesses
“Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.” ― Knute Rockne


Your Strong Points were once Your Weakness

Have you ever been strong enough to identify your weakness? Have you ever thought what were those things that did not let you win in the previous games?

Knute Kenneth Rockne, a world renowned Norwegian-American football player and coach at the University of Norte Dame, rightly says, “Build up your weakness until they become your strong points.” He is regarded as one of the greatest football coaches of all the times.

We all have weaknesses in us. There are certain flaws or some foibles but those who have identified these weaknesses in them, they could now step towards the success.

If you are one of them, or if you want to identify your weaknesses, then do not spend a moment on your bed being demotivated by thinking about your weaknesses in the game.

Had many great players not overcome their weakness, then they would not be this great on this day. Everyone has reached the top by defying their weaknesses.

Making Your Weakness a Strong Point

Now, congratulations for identifying your weaknesses. It is the time to take next step. Pull up your socks as the real game is about to happen.

When you have identified your weaknesses, take steps to make it your strength. But the point is how would you make your weaknesses a strength?

Determination is the key, my friend. If you are really determined, then you can do whatever you want. If there is a burning flame to defeat your weakness that has already let you down a multitude of times, then you can do it.

If you are lazy, give an excuse to the world. Nobody will remember you. Nobody will ever applaud you. If you turn your back away from it, you are never going to win.

The best plan that you can make about winning is to make your weakness your strong point. If this happens, I guarantee you that you can do anything in this world.

Start with your determination. Place challenges before you and be determined to complete them, defeat them. You will be able to see considerable changes in you.

You will be less weak but more strong. You will be less demotivated but more determined. You will be filled with positive energy when these weaknesses would be turning in your strength. When you will achieve this, you will be on the top of the world.

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That Day is Today

Now, do not take more rest. Do not sit in the corner of your dull room and shine like you are motivated enough to turn your weaknesses upside down.

You know you want to defeat your weaknesses. You know you want to be successful. Then, why are you procrastinating? Why are you waiting for that day to come?

Always remember, the day on which you will begin the change is not far away. It is next to you but all you have to do is to have an effort to make that change happen. These changes can be brought only when you will make these weaknesses your strong point.

So, wake up from your sleep. Do not feel demotivated at all. Yes, you can make your weaknesses your strength.

Let the world applaud you for overcoming your weaknesses and fear. Let the world applaud you while you are standing in the spotlight.

How Can it Cause a Change?

Ever thought about why am I talking about making your weakness a strong point?

There would be several people around you who would be pointing fingers at you for your weakness. For worse, there would be many people around you who would be laughing at you.

But when you make your weakness a strength, you will shut their mouth. Their fingers will be lowered. Their laughs will be ceased. Be strong if you want to make your weaknesses a strength.

Now, there would be nothing that will hold you back from winning. Your strength in the game would remain as a strength but when your weaknesses become your strength, you will be the next in the line to be the greatest player of all the times.

Dream high, my friend because one day, you will have to defeat your weaknesses. Whether it is today or tomorrow, you cannot run away from it.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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