Why You Shouldn’t Stop Trying Until You Get Success


Why You Shouldn’t Stop Trying Until You Get Success
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.” ― W.C. Fields


Some say success always hard for him, he grabs it only when he had done with it. Other feel that he has tried very hard, but victory is always a mile away.

Do you also have the same feeling? If then this article will change your view and motivate you to succeed speedily.

W.C. Fields says that “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.”

Determine to Change Yourself and the Way You Work

Remember even if you are trying hard several times, or even for several periods, months, sometimes even years, then there is a need to change the way you are doing it.

If you are doing the same mistake all the passing years what benefit will you get? You’ll be tired and bored of doing the same thing again and again. Finally, you will jump into another job.

The greatest investment you put in success is to change yourselves, your thinking; then your perspective.

Things will start rolling out positively. It makes a better improvement in you then wait to watch to kick the failure and grab the trophy.

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Never say “Not Again” to Get Success

Every time Thomas Edison failed in his experiment of inventing the bulb nearly thousand times.

After progress said that he understood 1000 times what should not do. If he hasn’t changed his ways for every experiment, we would still be in the dark.

Even if you tried it several times, don’t stop before you reach your destiny. Analyze the pros and cons even if you haven’t reached the goal. However, every failure will lead you in a different direction to move on.

Remember Abraham Lincoln even if he has been defeated many times over a great period, he never said “I quit” If he quits we might have missed a great leader.

Take note why it has failed, measure the things, try to improve from what you have learned from all those failures.

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Guys, Prepare for Next TRY

No one will get success at one gunshot without trying hard several times. Learn to deal with the failure positively and overcome the loser feeling.

The quicker you come out, the sooner you reach goal. Failure gives you more experience, so accept it.

Don’t let it haunt or break you apart. There might be a little more risk. Unless you take the risk, you can’t climb Mount Everest.

Remember, without failures and hard work, how will we get the sweetness of success? Prepare yourself mentally and physically to anything, either reward or failure. Be realistic and logical.

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Buy the Opportune Time

Of all the things, Time is more costlier than Kohinoor diamond, because it can never be purchased back. Be quick to save time, use it wisely.

If you think your time is getting wasted by anything, then just stay away from it. Stop doing and think how effectively you can do it.

Do not expect failures every time because if you do so, actually you will deserve less success. If that is the case, why trying for it?

You should always aim for greater success. Never aim for hit or miss. Never miss an opportunity to try something new, remember your end results depend on how planned you are.

Just like how you will construct a dam, you will check after the construction whether it was good or bad from the initial stage. You know the answer.


Success is not limited to few persons or circumstances. It is not any big man’s show. It is right in front of you; you need to run and grab it.

Don’t drive for success or race for excellence which may drop down your great achievements and success.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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