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Your Day Will Come If You Keep Working At It With Patience


Your Day Will Come If You Keep Working At It With Patience
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” ― Confucius


The millennials are an impatient lot. They need everything in life fast, from food to fast cars. For those who go about their day slowly, it does not mean they are losers. In fact everyone has a unique life; everyone has a unique time-line. Everyone in this race is running on their own lanes.

Wasn’t the 44th President of US, Barack Obama, a successful person? But he retired at 55. What about the 45th President of US, Donald Trump? He was already a successful real estate tycoon and a billionaire. He became President when he was 70. How about the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) founder Colonel Sanders, who started the business when he was 65?

Have Patience and Believe that People Often Do the Impossible

Patience and persistence are two virtues that make people realize their ambitions in life. When you are set on a noble mission or ambition, then what matters most is not the pace at which you are going, but consistency and doggedness. Many, who rush in, abandon their efforts the moment they face the first obstacle.

People, who lack patience, always keep measuring their progress with others and give up easily without knowing how others may have begun their journeys and where they end up. But sooner or later, those who reach the winning post are those who never stopped.

If you observe life around you, you will be amazed to know how many have achieved the impossible, by just going on.

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Choose To Do What You Love To Do

Often people do what they see others doing and becoming successful at it. They forget that there is a difference in the DNAs of everyone. Someone is good at something, while others are at something else.

Forcing yourself to follow others can be the root cause of your setbacks in life. Remember, you are unique and you have been endowed with unique gifts.

When you make a considered choice in deciding to do what you love to do, you have already loaded the dice in your favor. Your passion will keep you driving.

The time you spend will be more enjoyable and it won’t matter whether you are going fast or slow. Enjoying the views on the way and living your life fully, is a reward in itself.

Keep Yourself Focused On What You Do Best

Everyone is endowed with a gift, which he is very good at. It might be some talent like singing or music, or some skills like games and sports or an aptitude for reasoning or research.

When you focus on what you can do best, you can achieve much more and excel in it. Do not follow what others do, that is for the sheep. As a rationale thinking human being, explore your significant competencies and then follow your dreams.

If you have seen the movie on M.S. Dhoni, you will realize that despite the financial hardships that his family faced, he did not go in the job in railways which offered him many perks. He knew what he was best at, hitting a cricket ball. He focused on what he did best and made a name for himself in the world.

When you pursue what you are best at, you are at your natural best. Then it doesn’t matter whether in the eyes of others you are going fast or slow.


In life, what matters is the destination that you have set for yourself. How long you take to reach does not matter, because the circumstances in your life are unique to you. Even if you are making slow progress, you are reaching closer to your goals.

Continue your hard work diligently, even if your goals lie beyond the horizons. Be patient and continue to slog while you celebrate every achievement that comes your way. As long as you keep moving, you are on your way.



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Raj Kumar Hansdah

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